The Haunted Lake

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This happened last summer, and I will never forget this. I was up at a lake I don’t remember what the name was for the weekend. I stayed at a cabin maybe 100 or so feet from the lake. The first night, on a Friday, was peaceful, so far I thought. I was texting my best friend on Hangouts, and that’s when I heard a scream, of maybe a teenage girl, coming from the lake.

That ticked me off because it was late at night. I woke up later at 1 am to the sound of hands slapping my window. I got up armed with my rifle, but when I went to the window, there was nothing there, yet there were hand prints on the window. Then, there was a knock on my door. I felt a cold breath on my neck. “Behind you…” a voice said. I looked behind me, only to see a ghost face of a teenage girl, who let out the same scream. I heard it every hour that seemed to come from the lake.

I put my iPhone to record the lake, and that’s when I found something horrifying. The ghost, spirit, or whatever it was was rising out of the lake. It was probably seven feet tall. It had seemingly nice clothes, though. That’s when I googled this strange occurrence.

Apparently, a few years ago, a girl was stabbed it the head, and then thrown into the lake. She screamed out of agony. Her clothes were blue jeans and a red shirt, with dark hair, as the ghost was.

I don’t know if I believe this source (I forgot what it is) or not, but I know for sure, I will never go back to that lake again. On a side note, I wonder why my iPhone kept showing pictures of handprints on the screen. I don’t know if these things are connected, but this will be the last time I camp alone. Be safe out there everyone, even people who have risen from the dead are still out there to get you…

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