The Hairless Monster

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This has not happened to me- but to my father. He was a Veteran who went to Iraq. When he was there, he was a scout.

He and a buddy, lets just call his buddy Jim, where scouting together. When they were walking, something felt odd to them. They checked around then, but something felt odd. They then heard a snap of a twig breaking.

They raised there guns and Jim told the person to come out. It cam from behind a bush and when no one came, they went to investigate. Stupid- they know now. But anyway, when they went around the bush, Jim yelled “Holy shit” There was a creature there- a big hairless looking rodent. It looked like a hairless guinea pig but much bigger. You could see its veins and it was purple and pink. Its eyes- (as my father said)was yellow with a bit of blue. It hissed at them and ran away like a human on all four feet. They don’t know what that was nor to they want to find out.

He served and came home and he says that the experience of whatever that was will scar him forever.


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