The Goatman creek

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Before I get things started this is in the point view of a girl .I am 16 years old and at the time I was 13. My family and I were taking a trip to Genesee and were going to my grandfather’s funeral .Well we were staying at a cabin near…” the Goatman creek” . This place was famous for rumours..i never believed any of them because I had spent time there every summer. After we had gone through the funeral we came back to the cabin and got packed and ready to leave in the morning .I had my own room on the second floor of the cabin and I was the only one on the second floor. As I lay sleeping in bed i hear movement outside of the cabin and I look through the cabin window.i couldn’t see anything until I heard a bloodcurdeling scream that sounded like a girl who was crying. I quickly ran downstairs and turned on the light.what I saw next was completly and udderly terrifying. I saw a 6 ft. Maybe more goat like man staring from the creek right back at me. I have never ran as fast as I have done on that night I ran to my parents and woke them up. My father went and checked it out. He found human foot prints …but found two pairs of them like it was on all fours…the front were goat this day I still cannot find the courage to go to that old cabin by the Goatman creek.


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