The Goatman

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Hi! my names Calina and i’m a 12 year old girl. My story is about the Goatman. This happened in 2016 in May 16 at 2:00pm

I was walking in Kentucky on a bridge to a trail with me dad. I was asking him about the monsters that he might have known about. He said he knew about Krampus and the dogman, but nothing else. I asked him if he knew about the Rake. He said no, but I told him about it, and of course he didn’t know anything about it. I stopped talking and just walked to the trail.

As we arrived. I heart a type of, well I don’t really know, but it sounded like a dying goat and a dying dog. Probably doesn’t make sense? Well, the noise was weird and creepy.

I got scared. I told my dad that I wanted to leave. He didn’t want to. The trail was called Red Rock Canyon because there was rocks a 50 ft canyon that led into 30 ft deep river. My dad told me that I need some fresh air a little.

Well, while I was walking on the trail. I saw something behind a tree that had brown hooves and it was very hairy. I don’t know what it was, but I just kept walking. A few minutes later. I ran to the nice hot red rocks and looked over the edge slowly, so I wouldn’t fall. I was happy to look in the beautiful blue clear water at the bottom. I looked up after a few seconds and that’s when I saw it. A brown furry goat creature standing up on it’s two legs. I was freaked out!

I stared at it for about a minute. I looked at my dad and looked back. The goat creature was gone.

Me and my dad headed back to the entrance to the trail and headed back to his truck. I was thankful because of leaving that trail. I thank god that I never go to the trail again with my dad.

Thank you for reading this – Calina.C

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