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When i was little maybe about 3 or 4 (im only 14 so i can remember back when i was little) thats when i first saw her. I was walking down the attic steps and right across the hall was a girl maybe 5 or 6. I could see her so clearly except her face. Her face was blurry.

She had a white/cream dress and short curly black hair. Although i couldnt properly see her face (due to it being blurry) i could see her eyes. Her eyes were black. She looked at me in such a mysterious creepy way. I felt like she was curious about me because she would always follow me and still does. Even now, in the corner of my eye I’ll see her. I feel like somehow i must know her. Idk its hard to expain.

I would only ever see her fully when she was across the hall *in my old bedroom* she looked sad. There was this time when i got sent to bed for being naughty (i must of been about 5) and my dad switched off my bedroom light and locked the doors. The only light was my bedside table light and a bit of light still coming in from outside.

In the corner of my room where was this thing. Like i couldnt see his/her face or anything. Just a dark evil shadow what had bad energy. I was scared because it looked like it was going to get me and i panicked. I screamed and screamed but my dad didnt open the door.

All i can remember from that day was trying to get out and then falling asleep.

I have had so many experiences.

I have seen angels, demons, vad spirits, good spirits, even my great nana and grandad come see me in my dream and every now and then, come in my room. I have right before i went to sleep a spirit screaming in my room. I have had someone move my stuff. Wierd noises coming from around my house like this on time when i was homealone, and i was drawing manga when suddenly there was someone running up and down the stairs. It was wierd.

I hope you liked one of my experiences ^-^ see you again soon!!

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