The girl in the woods

I was only in elementary so what happened to me was truely terrifying.I was hanging out with some of my friends during reccess and after a while of talking decided to go swing. I sat at the first swing and faced the way of the woods because of the sun light, I closed my eyes at one point and when I opened my eyes I swear I saw a little girl in the woods staring at me! She just stood there staring at me!I closed my eyes and when I opened them she was gone this happened any time I sat at that swing, I never told any one except my friend who I will call Jessie, I asked jessie to sit in the swing and close her eyes then open them, she did. She said she didn’t see any thing and that scared me a bit . Of course I thought maybe it was a kid being wierd, but she looked almost invisible, and she was like 4 years old at least. this story makes my heart beat feel like it’s going around 10 miles an hour,and scares me to this day.


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