The Girl in the white dress

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This has happen not to long ago, for obvious reasons I can’t reveal my name so for now I will be called Salem for the time being… it was a pretty average day at my school and my last class just ended so I packed everything and began walking to my bus until I heard whispers all around me so I stopped in my tracks and looked around for the source of the whispers and that’s when I saw her… she looked like an average girl but something felt off about her… one of which was the clothing she was wearing, her dress looked like something from the 1700’s,and her skin was a ghostly pale that make my skin crawl… we stared at each other for about 2 or 3 minutes until I decide to walk to where she was.. that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done… as I began to walk towards her, I kept getting a bad headache but something inside of me urged me to keep moving… I then got to a certain distance to where I can see her face, she looked about my age and had snowy white hair, when I was about to say something I’ve gotten the most painful headache in the entire world and everything went black… after 3 minutes I woke up in my bed with a crow feather in my hand and it felt like someone or something was watching me when I slowly got out of bed… Later that night I haven’t seen the girl at the front of the school but I got an eerie feeling that I wasn’t alone in my house… as I sat down to inspect the feather, the room I was in felt really cold and I knew something wasn’t right so I checked around the house to see if she was here or not, the last place I was about to look was my room, so I quickly looked into my room to see she was there and sure enough she was… I yet again made the biggest mistake I’ve ever made by saying “What do you want from me?!” She then turns around to face me and her face was demonic, I stood there paralyzed and I knew I was gonna die then a bright light was in the room and then everything went black… 4 hours later I woke up on my floor confused on what happen and when I got up to see, there it was… a crow feather on my bed


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