The Girl from the Closet

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By Earth Cake (Philippines)

Before i start this story, i want to request somebody to help me after reading this. My name is John and im currently 13 years old. But i forgot my age when this happened. A few years ago when my younger cousin Karlo and i were playing around at my house, we were playing at the higher bed at my mom’s double deck. There was a cabinet right next to my mom’s bed but her room was small so the cabinet was always blocked and it had ropes tied up at it’s knobs so back to the story. My cousin and i accidentaly hit the cabinet and that part of the cabinet broke.

We tried to fix it but we just put it where it belongs. One of our cousins named Tin-Tin who was also in the room doing her studies in the same room told us that a girl died at that cabinet a long time ago and the cause of her that was never revealed. Me and Karlo froze and i looked at Karlo with a frightened face. We went to Karlo’s house (which was located just behind ours). We told my aunt who was Karlo’s mom about what happened and she told us that we should always behave & be good so nothing bad will ever happen again.

Me and Karlo never talked about that ever since. A couple of years ago when my cousin Tin-Tin and her family moved out and when my sister was at a sleepover at her friend Jeremy’s house, i was left alone with my grandma. She sleeps downstairs and i sleep upstairs. I was playing this game called “Armies of Magic” at facebook I kept on playing ’til i realized it was midnight. And i didn’t want my aunts scolding me because my mom was at london at that time and my father has problems with my mom’s family so my aunts & uncles (mostly aunts) take care of me.

I turned the computer of and the lights to. I slept at my mom’s bed for the night. I was sleeping sideways facing away the cabinet when suddenly i felt a weird presence of some sort and the hairs at the back of my neck stood up. I closed my eyes and felt like someone got on the bed as well. I slowly turned around with my eyes closed as if i was trying to be comfortable and then i opened my eyes a bit.

A girl was there but she quickly vanished. I was really frightened and my heart was beating so fast but still managed to get some sleep. I never told anybody except to my classmates when we were all chatting about our experiences & lives. They looked concerned when i told them but some of them tried to make a logical explanation. But i countered them all.

A couple of years ago things got weirder. Whenever no one is upstairs, there are always sounds of someone walking around. Sometimes when it’s sunny, there would always be a shadow of someone, sometimes there would be walking sounds at the roof. Sometimes i could hear tapping, whispering, walking, singing, or knocking sounds. After a few months things got creepier, she’s showing her self now!

She looks like me accept she’s pale and has eyebags wearing a white robe. One night after i turned of the living room lights. I saw her running towards me holding up a knife but faded emmidiately. She’s making weird sounds now and freaking me out by making things move and by makking weird noises. I will write a part 2 if things got weirder. That is all, for now (i guess…). Goodnight!

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