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Hi all, I just wanted to share something with you that has receny happened to me.

I live in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary, in a small town about fifteen minutes from the city. They call it a town, but really it’s just an overgrown village. It has the feeling to it and all. Lighting at night is scarce, but, and this might be the source of my luck here, our street is pretty well lit. Why I think it’s lucky?

A few days ago I had to move out of my room and take refuge in the guest bedroom, so my room can get repainted. The guest bedroom is small, almost claustrophobic, and it has one large window, through which I can see most of our neighbors’ houses on the other side of the street. Our flat is on the forst floor of the building, a nice two flat house with a big garden, though it’s mostly empty. My room’s window looks directly onto the garden, but the guest bedroom faces the street, which enabled my experience.

One night, as I was trying to sleep despite my insomnia, I started hearing a strange, pulsing sound, like someone turned on loud music at one of our neighbor’s. But this sound was weird. It followed no particular pattern or beat, and yet, it felt strangely familiar.

It wasn’t until i realised it was getting louder, and movong closer that it was the noise of something big walking down the street on two legs. Out of curiosity, I was already at my window, bathing in the lamplight coming from outside, when I spotted it.

The creature was vaguely humanoid with smooth, grey skin, a head, devoid of facial features or any hair, and four arms, the second pair sprouting from the sides of its ribcage. It didn’t look emaciated, but I could still see its bones beneath the skin. In fact, it looked oddly muscular, as if posing while strolling down the street.

Oh, i forgot to tell the most important bit. This thing was huge. We live on the first floor, and I was lookong upwards from my bed through my window, but I still had to go closer tl the window to look at its head. This thing was at least twenty feet tall, possibly bigger, and there it was, walking down our street in the middle of the night, calmly, looking around with its eyeless face, stopping occasionally to take a peek inside a house, then continuing its stroll.

I wasn’t scared at first. My reaction was closer to “what the actual fuck?!”, but that quickly turned to fear as it turned my way, it’s featureless face staring in my general direction. Realising I was still in the lamplight, i quickly retreated, and watched on from the shadows.

The giant walked to our house, and took a good, long look at it. It stood there for at least ten minutes, seemingly scanming the house for something. I dared not move, lest it notice me, and god knows what it would’ve done to me. So I just stared, terrifoed, at this monstrosity, its four arms dangling idly beside it as it looked at me with that featureless face. Sorry for repeating it so much, but I stared at it for so long the picture burnd into my retinas, and when I close my eyes, I can still see that face staring into my soul.

I’m scared. It’s night again. I cant hear the footsteps, havent heard them since that night, but I fear one night I might awake to it staring into the guest bedroom, looking at me. I’m afraid to sleep.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen it, and if they have, are they just too afraid to talk about it, and at this point, I’m afraid to ask. I don’t know where this creature came from, or where it goes during the day, but I want it gone for good.

… Just as I’m typing the end of this, I hear the footsteps coming again. I hope it doesn’t notice me.


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Okay, this in general was good and kept my interest but I couldn’t tell if this was made up or a true story. The wording made this distinction difficult.