The giant bird

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Not sure if you’ve gotten stories like this but, I thought I would share another one.

This isn’t my story but, my cousins.

This story happened to me back in the summer of 2010, I was working for a major landscaping company, and the crew I was part of was the smallest crew, just the 3 of us. Our job was to prepare new locations for landscaping. We always got to go to really cool locations and pretty much do nothing all day, except small stuff, planting grass, watering trees, etc.

Anyway, you get the point. We had been dispatched to a new warehouse that was being built, grounds were absolutely massive, and so we had a lot of ground to cover. We started early in the morning around 8am, the day seemed like it was going by quick. Just to note, the warehouse was in the middle of nowhere (well that’s what it felt like) I do remember that in the distance I could see rows of massive electric line tower, maybe 300 yards or so away, and from there a clear sky.

Around lunch time, the other guys wanted to go grab some lunch; I had brought my own lunch, so I agreed to stay with the trailer.

They took off, and I began to see against the trailer and eat my lunch. I was facing the power lines. I noticed something coming in the distance, at first it looked like a black glider, but I didn’t understand why anyone would be using a glider so close to power lines. I saw this jet black glider fly over the power lines, now this “glider” was maybe 100yards away; to my shock I noticed this was no glider, but a bird. Back in 2010 I was absolutely obsessed with what the legend calls the “thunderbird”. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, was I actually seeing the thunderbird!?

The bird then what a quick U-turn and started back from where it came, I took off towards this thing, it was of course way too fast for me to catch. It flapped its wing and took off just missing the power lines.

In my quick dash I noticed I had dropped my old flip phone which I was going to use to attempt a video of this thing. I have seen a California condor, I have seen a crane, and a turkey vulture, this was nothing that even comes close to those, this thing was 10 times the size. To gather a good perspective of its size, I would guess that each power line tower was about 30 feet from each other or so, and the birds wings would be half that, so I would say maybe 22-24 feet.

It was absolutely jet black, maybe just a little white on its neck, its beaked was long and share and it had raptor looking feet. I didn’t hear it make much noise, but when it did flap its wings, it sound like what you would thing to giant sails flapping in the wind.

Just an update: I did look up on google days after Argentavis and Prehistoric bird. It looked almost identical to that! Did I really see the thunderbird? I hope so.

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