The ghost that has crush on me?

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I wanted to share my story.

I grew up in the Philippines and since I had an accident where I fell from the second story of my grandmas house I become closer to the things that can’t be seen by naked eyes. Around 9 I started seeing things like my brothers dubbelganger and other sort of “ghost or spirits”. But the story that I’m gonna share is the most unforgettable one I had.

It happened around my first year in college around 2008.

I just moved in with my dad cause I was living with my aunt (moms sister) cause she was supporting me on my high school studies which she sent me to a private school.

The apartment that I’m moving in was a two story vary spacious.

It was me, my dad, my sister, my uncle (dads brother) my aunt (dads sister and her 2 kids ages 5&3).

The house has 2 bedrooms in the second story and a long corridor.My aunts and her kids share one bedroom and me and my sister on the other one. Our room is the closest to the stairs.My dad and uncle was sleeping in the first floor living room but mostly my dad was not there at night because i works at night shift. When I moved in there I was fully aware that we have an extra tenant with us.

Ones that can’t depart this world.

I heard a lot of stories from my dad and his siblings. Like sudden flashing of toilet in the middle of the night. Or sounds like someone is having a coffee in the middle of the night but when they go and check it no on was there.

I don’t really mind those kind of things cause I’m use to it. Most of the houses I lived with has someone in them. Like in my previous house with my aunt where I stayed with in high school. I would just wake up that may bed has a part like someone is sitting on or sometimes I’ll see this girl just standing in the living room.

Or sitting in my bedroom. She was great never she never harm me.So back to my new house it was late at night and I suddenly woke up to a loud footsteps just outside our room.

i know my sister was fast asleep cause if she’s not she would says something.

I started sweating like cold sweats and then I just said in my mind holy shit so this is what they are talking about. I started whispering oh god please don’t open the door , repeatedly. And then the next thing I remembered I was awake in the morning.

I am certain though that it’s not a dream. I asked my sister about it and she said she didn’t hear anything last night I told my aunt and uncle and they just laugh and said the ghost has crushed on you.i just kind of smirk at them.

And my life continued forgetting about what happened but it haunting is just starting.

It got scarier when my cousin which is 5 asked me one day when I got back from school, he said “big sis who is that guy that’s always with you?” I froze staring at him.

“Wh-what guy?” I asked him.

And he just pointed at my back “that guy, he’s always following you”.

And just smiled I him “hehe nice, no one is with me” and walk away.

But deep inside I was scared of all my experience I never had a ghost follow me around.

It even got worse to the point that I can feel him. It happened around January where they have a bunch of fireworks.

I was a fan of fireworks. This happened around 7 pm ii was already dark outside.m when one of our neighbors started to light up some fireworks. I couldn’t see it in the first floor window so I ask my 5 year old cousin to come with me upstairs but he said no cause h was busy playing. My aunt was also downstairs with my cousin and my sister. My uncle was still at work same as my dad.

So I went upstairs alone it was dark all light was off cause nobody went upstairs so far. And due to the excitement I didn’t bother to turn on any lights. I position my self near the window where my uncle kept one of his dumbbell he use to work.

I was too short to see plus there is a tree branch blocking my view so I decided to step on the bar of the dumbbell when suddenly I felt this heavy hands in my shoulders. I can feel the weight of the hands like it’s telling me to get down from the bar of the dumbbell that it’s not safe.

So I got down and turn around as fast as I can but nobody was there.

And if someone was there I’m sure it’s not my 5 year old cousin or my sister or my aunt. That hands that touched me that night felt so different, it felt so heavy. Then later that week I tried to do some excitement, cause some people say camera can capture things our eyes can’t.

I just randomly started taking videos in that same spot.

And in my second my second take I captured what I was looking for but since I was so scared I forgot to save it.

In that video while I was going around that spot I capture a hand reaching out for me as if it’s saying I’m here something like that.

And that was the last thing I can remember of that ghost that maybe had crush on me. Later on I found out that the house we are living in was a dumped site of dead bodies like rape victim or murder victim. Me, my dad and my sister moved out of that place in early 2009 not because of ghost but some family issues with her sister.

But I would love to come back and set those soul free.In that house I have experienced a lot of other stuff not just from the same ghost but from the others like him trap in that place.But in the place where we moved in it’s the same thing.

A roommate that’s not supposed to be there.

Thank you so much. I hope my story get featured in the video. I always listening to your story. I also have a lot of other ghosts story and sleep paralysis story.

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