The ghost in my bathroom

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This experience happened about a week ago, and it is my first paranormal experience.

This happened in my house, which is kind of creepy, because nothing paranormal has ever happened in my house. I always had an interest in the paranormal, but I never thought something like this would happen to me. So, about a week ago I was taking a shower in the bathroom, and I heard a knock. I yelled at the door “whose there?”. No response. I tried again.

No response, just a door flies open, which scares the absolute hell out of me. I was terrified, and this was really scary for me. I turned around since I was naked, but there was nothing there. I shut off the shower right away and put a towel on. But, what happened after that was even scarier.

The shower turned on by itself, and I hurried up to put my clothes on, since my friend was spending the night. I wanted to tell him all about it, which I did, but he didn’t believe me. I told him to take a shower for himself after that. He did, but something even worse happened to him. He got pulled back and hit his head on the shower wall.

I turned off the water, and helped him up. He then believed me as the toilet flushed on its own, and the lids were going up and down. We ran the hell out of that bathroom and tried to sleep that night, which we never did. We plan on buying a Ouija board to see why he did that to my friend.

For now, it’ll stay a mystery and something to think about.

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