the gas mask person that followed me to school

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Hi my name is jack i’m in 5th grade i’m 11 i live 12 blocks away from school so of course i have to take the bus my mom and dad has to go to work like always means that i have to go to the boys and girls club after school.

My mom woke me up an hour before school so i can take a shower, get dress ,brush my hair ,and don’t forget eat, my dad already left means i don’t get to say bye. Soon after the bus came i went outside, said bye to my mom and then left when i sat bye my friend named Zack we had been friends since kindergarten. We were playing eye spy to see who has better eye sight. he said i spy something green “that was easy” i said to myself. Right before i said the grass i saw someone with a gas mask and a……gun……he seemed to be following us to school i froze in fear while i watched as we passed him.

“Jack are you okay?” i heard A Zack ask “y…yea” i said while trying to get off  the bus “well bye see you after school” Zack said while waving at me i waved back. I ran to my class once i got in my seat the bell rung “okay class open your history book to chapter five and start where we left off” ms.hill said. i opened my book to chapter five but i cant get my mind off that mask guy

then i heard the office say kind of scared saying “all teachers lock your doors and cover your windows” all she said i pecked under the covered window then i saw jack still in the bathroom i begged my teacher to open the door but she said it was to dangerous then i grab ms.hill’s key and i unlocked the door and ran to jack and pulled his arm in my classroom i slammed the door and locked it “Jack you could of gotten yourself killed” she said whispering right before i got mad at my teacher we heard a gun shot.

“Shoot we are so dead SO dead” Zack said while hiding under a table behind me then we heard a door slamed open it was summers class summer is someone i loved someone i cared about i felt like crying while i herd gun shots and screaming then we heard silence total silence i knew everyone is dead in summers class i was in tears remembering our first kiss our first time meeting why did it had to be summers class why. then we heard knocking and kids screaming it sounded like summer and her two friends louisy and katelen. “Thank god” i said i ran to the door grabing the key from miss.hill’s pocket i unlocked it summer and her friends came in i locked the door and puted two chairs in front of it right when summer saw my face she ran over hugging me everyone was to scared to make fun of us. Garren my class mate said “guys come on” i nodded and sat in the corner of the room then we heard police sirens the mask dude shot the window and ran to the exit i unlocked the door and chased after him he was heading towards the sounds of the siren at the last corner of the school he disappeared just like that boom gone.

When i went back to see if anyone died in summers class….i….i….just a warning stop reading these if you don’t like death or dead kids….i checked summers class and i saw…dead kids they are all dead everyone is DEAD.

when i was waiting for my mom or dad to come summer came she went over and kissed me then she said “thank you for saving me” most of us moved like me and some other kids we are lucky to be alive but we all know that mask guy is still out there somewhere looking for another school.


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