The Forest of shadows

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I want to start this story off by saying, every word in this is 100% true, I am no stranger to things weird or paranormal and this is the story of the beginning of that familiarity and what started my obsession with the study of magic and the spirit world. First off my name is Brad I am 25 years old and I am from North Carolina in a small town sandwiched between Charlotte and the foot hills, we are 30 minutes away from the city and 30 minutes away from the middle of nowhere, it’s the perfect amount of urban to rural ratio,

My parents have lived in the same house since i was 2, it’s at the end of a dead end road surrounded by woods on all sides for a few miles. this story takes place around the age of 9 in 2001,

my days would consist of me going to school, coming home, getting one of my 2 friends that lived on this dead end road and either play on the road and hurt our self or play in the woods and hurt our self, actually not to long after this story takes place i almost lost my pinky finger via a skateboard and I still sport a scar that wraps around my pinky so needless to say we were fearless, now on with the story.

It was a normal day for me, me and my mom just got back home from getting me from school, after grabbing a snack I headed outside and decided to walk up to where my road and the main road would meet and to get my friend Jason to go play, shortly after getting to his door his dad informed me that he was at his grandparents and I would have to play by myself today.

I had nothing to do, you can only do so much by yourself and there wasn’t much of a neighborhood and not really any other children close by so I decided to find something fun to do,

I decided to go threw an area in the woods we called the briar wall, in the woods that’s surrounded my parents house was pretty open accept one area that was next to impossible to get to due to all of the painful briars, I had explored our woods for the most part accept for this giant area, was it just solid briar bushes, or was it an open field in the other side, it was a mystery,

I had always wanted to see what was on the other side of the prickly bushes and my inner explorer screamed to be set free and I gladly obliged it, so I went back to my house to get supplies cause living close to the mountains I had heard about people getting stuck in the woods some times for days or weeks at a time so I got my back pack, put in some snacks, water, a jacket, some matches, my pocket knife and i snuck into my older brothers room to steal his machete,

yes I know a 9 year old having access to a knife and a machete is dangerous and hard to believe but this is the south and my parents and brothers taught me weapon safety since I was young and I received my first knife at 7,

now on with the story, so I walk into the woods and proceed to the briar wall as I neared the wall of prickly pain

I recounted how my older brothers and sister told me how they never had been past the wall of briars so it felt like even more of an adventure, no one I knew had seen what was on the other side so with that in mind I began to cut my way threw and for 30 to 40 mins I hacked away at the briars until I seen a hole, and being inpatient I took my jacket and put it over my face and ran threw, briars sunk into my flesh and pulled at my clothes,

it was painful but my need to explore was stronger, on the other side I pulled out the stickers that broke off the vines and stuck into my skin and after a moment or two I resumed my course, the trees in this part of the woods were massive and spaced far apart, at the time I knew nothing of the woods other then they are fun to play in but from what I know now,

I can tell you these trees were at least 100 years old, each tree was at least 2 and a half feet wide and they were spaced 30 feet or more apart so that tells me they are very old.

most of the trees were oak, white oak, ash, and poppler which are super common here, but the age of and there shear size of them was amazing to look at.

I explored for hours and eventually found a creek that I began to follow, I eventually came upon a delta where the creek split and created a small island in the center, I thought this is a cool place to set up a base for the next time I came back to this area with my friends to show them and brag about all I had seen, I scrambled down one side of the bank, through waist deep water, and up the other side of the bank,

I sat my pack and machete down and began to clear sticks and leafs from the ground when I seen something tannish white sticking up from the ground, I began to dig at this object until I pulled out a bone and seen more underneath now being from the south it’s not uncommon to find piles of bones from hunters or just natural death so it didn’t bother me, to be honest it intrigued me,

I wanted to find out what animal it was that died so I dug more, I began to dig and I found something that made my heart skip a beat,

it was a skull, a human skull, this was something that scared me….

Bad, I dropped the skull and began to grab my stuff to leave bit that’s when I seen something black moveing threw the trees 40 or so feet off the ground, scared out of my mind at this point I found some where to hide I covered my pack with leaves and got down into the creek and backed up underneath the edge of the bank which had an over hang,

I watched as this thing moved threw the trees,

just floating, it was shaped like a human but blacker then black almost like what you would think a black hole should look like. I had never seen a spirit before but I believed this was one and it scared me more then anything I had experienced up until that point.

when it finally passed where I thought it wouldn’t see me, I made a brake for it, as soon as my feet left the water it stopped and began to turn toward me, that’s when I turned and ran, I looked back twice, it was behind me on the ground the first time right before I went threw the briar wall, when i looked back the last time before I got out of the woods it was gone, when I finally got out of the woods the sun was starting to go down, and I had cuts all over me due to my mad dash threw the woods and briars.

I had left the bag and machete which made my brother mad at me and of course no one believed me but I knew what I had seen was real.

Since then I have found out that the land that my parents house is on and those woods use to be a cow pasture back in the 1800s where 2 men and a woman had died, later on in the early 1900s dark ritual magic was reportedly done there and in the 70s and 80s the KKK used it as a meeting place and rumor has it they burned people on crosses out there.

Since that first experience I began to study magic and the art of symbology in order to protect my self an those I love from the paranormal, I’ve had many more experiences in those woods and other places but those are for another time.

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