The flying devil

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Before the story starts in this story I was not born yet and myself mom and dad are not together anymore so I will try to put as much detail. In Austin Texas my home town is my mom and dad.

They have known each other for years. It was in 1998 five years before I was born my dad decided to invite so friends over to there now house to party.

So three of his friends and my uncle were near his old truck in the driveway talking and drinking but my dad did not drink a lot because my mom would yell at him so he was half sober so when when he heard flapping. Hey did you hear that and my uncle said what? I heard flapping like a bird my uncle said will it probably was a bird. Ya but it sounded big like not like a dove or eagle then a loud screeching coming from the oak tree in my yard.

It was winter so most of the leaves are falling off. My dad yelled what is that and everyone look over at the tree and saw a giant shadow of a wing creature with a tail like the the devil long and pointy.

The are screamed like little girl’s and the thing jump off the tree and fly up towards the moon and when the light hit it skin it looked slimy and scalely like a dinosaur. It had wings the size of the car and a giant crest on it’s head and big yellow eyes then it flew away in the night sky.

That was not the last in counter with it 12 years later my little sister is going to be born soon and we were all excited so that night my and my dad when in the backyard in the woods to look at stars in the sky when we heared a branch of a tree break then a loud screech and flapping in the sky

my dad looked pale and said hide and we hide behind a tree then the flapping and screeching stoped all of a sudden and so my dad whispered let’s run home ready and we booked it home safely and a ask him what was that he told my a long story that I thought I wouldn’t have to tell no one because I did not want to look crazy he said he thinks it was a dinosaur. I said the dinosaurs died that when he said the sky and ocean were protected but not the land dinosaur.

I don’t live there anymore but I still think about it and that screeching

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