The Figure

Well… this story is going to sound crazy. I’m now 13 and this happened about 2 years ago. It was the peak of summer and my step sister, Abby, and her best friend, Amy, were over. They were about 13 or 14 at the time and I was about 11. We were all hanging out at about [9:30] at night, just being bored so we then decided to take a walk. We grabbed a flashlight and our phones, then told our parents we’re going for a “nighttime adventure” of a sort. I live on about 5 acres of woods and about 3 of which contain swamp. Behind my house goes down a hill, to the left is the road and to the right is more woods and neighbors. We walked behind our house for a ways then decided to go out to the road, which by the way is a quiet dirt road. Towards the end of the road it dead ends, then there’s a small trail leading about a quarter of a mile out to a nearby river. We were almost to the end of the dead end when Abby started singing the National Anthem. Being the annoying little sister I am I kept singing random parts really loud and obnoxiously just to mess her up and make her mad. Long story short she started laughing and started to chase me. I ran and darted around a trash can but as I did so I saw a tall figure with a white face standing about 3 feet away from the trail. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I just thought it was a glare from the flashlight or something. Amy was still recording at the time and looked over at us harshly and told us to shut up. Abby and I have her a confused look and asked why. She said “Do you guys see that?” My heart sank when she pointed to the tall, white-faced figure just standing there, staring at us. We walked about 2 feet closer to it, then Abby’s phone started acting up and freezing. We were kinda freaked out at this point but nothing that would cause us to turn and bolt home. My house was about a third of a mile away from where we were so if we ran it’d be a long shot. If we took the road we’d have to run up a hill and go down my long driveway, and jump the fence surrounding my house. Yet, we still wanted to see what that thing was. After we took another step forward the figure took a step and our flashlight flickered off. Abby, who was holding it, was trying to get it to work but nothing happened. At this point we were done so we turned and bolted up the hill. We stopped at the beginning of my driveway and turned. Our flashlight turned back on and we turned to see nothing. Amy, STILL RECORDING, walked about 20 feet down the hill and then stopped dead in her tracks. She then turned and yelled run. We ran al the way into my house where our parents were, looking at us concerned. We told them what we saw and they brushed it off thinking we were imaginging things. I will never forget that day, and that video is still on YouTube till this day. That was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I just wish I knew what we saw that day… and to everyone who likes to explore the woods at night, in Northern Michigan… be careful. The photo is us now. Amy’s on the far left, Abby’s in the middle, and I’m on the right. They aren’t very tall, as you can tell. I’m sure glad we’re still here because if we waited, who knows what would’ve happened to us.


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