The Figure in My Poster

By SirenSong13

I was 12 or 13, it was summer. I had my own room, ocean themed (i was too terrified of the real ocean, still am.) I had a John Cena poster behind me. (Yes im into WWE dont judge.) I was taking a picture of my new haircut or hair style, i cant remember now, and in the photo i saw a figure behind me.

Now keep in mind that this was in John Cena’s abs. This figure was of a teenage boy dressed like he was straight out of the musical The Newsies! I ran down the stairs and told my mom and showed her the photo. I wish i still had the photo but it was on a phone that got stolen.

Well i did some research later on and come to find out in the 1890s my stepdad’s house used to be a barn that burned down killing 2 teenage boys. My room was where they died…talk about freaky!! Needless to say, being a teenage girl, i only changed in the bathroom after that.


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