The Faceless

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By Alvinrender

So… this Story is not actually my Story, it’s my Mom’s Story…….., She was at 1st Grade at the Time and she was having a cold…here’s the thing, back then My Grandma’s house was surrounded by Woods…. and back then there was not many of our Neighbour Houses…..even though they’re very close from each house to another house…. it’s just very few of them.

so that Day my mom is Off School because she’s having a Cold, she’s sleeping in my Grandma’s Bedroom…. but she woke up finding herself feeling so Thirsty…. eventually she tried to go to the Kitchen but she can’t get up, but she sees my Uncle outside the Window playing with his Friend, she called him but he can’t hear her from the Outside….. so my Mom go to the Kitchen by Herself, and remember this, there is nobody home….. so there she was walking to the Kitchen, back then the Light Bulbs were this kind of Orange light that came out of it, not Bright.

so after my Mom Drank, she Turned around to see this thing…..on the Wooden Bench there was this thing laying down with it’s hand covering his face, the whole body of this thing is a very Dark Grey not Black, how tall this thing is as tall as an Adult……… so my Mom just Stood there Motionless…. Starring at this THING….she felt like she’s gonna Scream out of her lung and Cried but she can’t…..then this thing suddenly showed his Face at my Mom…….There is no Face, there is nothing there, No Mouth, No Eyes, Nothing…. just a Dark Grey Skin….and this thing just do some kind of Peek-a-Boo stuff with it’s hand, you know the way you Peek-a-Boo with a Baby…yeah that’s what he did…. but there is no sound, what my mom Hear is only Silence.

Luckily somehow my Mom got the Power to just Run as Fast as she could to leave the House…. but After ran past the Kitchen Door, she don’t know why but she Turned around only to see…….THIS FUCKING THING doing the Peek-a-Boo again on the Door Frame…… but it wasn’t Standing…….this thing….it’s Floating….not Vertically but.. Horizontally while he’s Head Peeking through the Door Frame while it’s doing the Peek-a-Boo…..My mom, she felt like she’s Dead…… She screamed SO loud that the whole Neighbour in that Area ran at my Grandma’s House, then there was my Grandma, Running and Panicking to see her Daughter…..Pale White, Shaking, Peed her Pants…… when my Grandma’s Asked Her and Hug her…. She Passed out.

After that Encounter My Mom’s Had a Really Bad Cold it took her a Month or so to Recover…. but that whole Month while she was Sick, She never Open her Eyes because Everytime she did, she sees that thing Standing, or doing the Peek-a-Boo…..but it’s not always that thing…. she can see something that Normal People couldn’t. It’s like her Eyes had been “Opened”

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