THe dangers of walking alone at night

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Elias looked down at his watch with pursed lips. It was fifteen minutes past midnight. The dark blanket of night covered the sky, with tiny, white stars barely showing through. The lampposts revealed the multiple worn down houses and shops, which seem to beckon to him in an ominous manner. The wind was howling and a few unpleasant characters skittered around like rats in a sewer.

He knew better than to walk home alone. He remembered his half-brother telling him horror stories at night about people who’d stroll down dark, lonely roads and never return home. Too bad he had moved away to live with his uncle, or he would’ve been able to pick him up in his fancy, horse drawn carriage he was always boasting about. Though he had no other choice. He had no change for the horse-bus, and what was worse, his oldest friend, too occupied with a petite blonde, forgot to give him a ride home. Selfish turd.

He had just come from a House party hosted by Judith Hemsworth, the prettiest girl in little Durry and the object of his infatuation. Elias was dressed in his best suit, complete with a black top hat that was a bit big for his small head. He also wore his grandfather’s pocket watch which was attached with a silver chain. Elias liked how it glimmered and reflected in the moonlight.

‘Just a one more mile.’ He assured himself, ambling faster and faster to avoid any unwanted encounters. He was very aware that this part of town was known for its crime rate, though unfortunately, Elias had to pass through that particular area in order to get home.

The lamp posts that brightened the streets became dimmer as Elias passed by, failing to ease his anxiety. He attempted to stay calm, keeping his hands stuffed into his coat pockets. To take his mind off of things, he attempted to whistle a familiar tune to keep his worrying thoughts at bay.

Fortunately, there were only a few streets left. Elias smiled, relieved that he wasn’t much distance left. He continued onward, the cold air hitting his face and his boots painfully rubbing against his toes.

Suddenly, Elias froze. He thought he caught a glimpse of a dark figure behind him, watching him. After a few moments, he shrugged it off, thinking that it was probably just a stray animal.

He now started jogging, taking a look behind him every few moments. He tried turning and Taking different routes, attempted to shake the beast off his trail, but the creature persisted, getting closer, closer and closer until it was breathing heavily on the nape of his pale neck, Elias feeling its wet, warm tongue licking him.

“Come out and face me if you’re a man!” Elias yelled as he turned to look at the brute, his pale blonde fringe blowing in the wind.

The figure just stood silent and stared with wild, hungry eyes. It was more animal than man. It’s long, hairy arms hung to its sides with hands that ended with sharp, bloodied nails that resembled claws. Its large cloak successfully shrouded the rest of its features, much to Elias’s relief. When the beast grinned, it’s sharp, filed teeth seemed to gleamed and were tipped with scarlet. Its breath was so bad that it could curdle milk, almost causing Elias to puke.

It reached up and pulled down the hood which had obscured it’s face. Elias was horrified to see a hook nosed man with sallow skin seared with multiple burns, his mouth widened in a large, cartoonish smile and his eyes were bright gold and fishlike.

“Are you lost?” The creature asked in faux concern, limping its head. Elias backed away, though clenched his fist, getting ready to swing at the monstrous being at any sign of danger.

“What do you want from me?” He asked, Eyes narrowed and teeth bared. The ‘man’ simply chuckled and took out a sharp blade out of his pocket and dragged it across a wall, creating a mark.

“Blood.” It said in a hushed, sinister tone.

“What?” Elias asked, completely taken by surprise.

“Blood…blood…blood.” The monster chanted hoarsely as he got closer. Froth had formed around his chapped lips.

The man’s lips turned to a manic grin, now slitting Elias’s face with the blade, causing him to grimace slightly. The blond boy attempted to back away, only to realise that the man had a quite a strong grip on his thin arm.

“I’m going to have…so much fun with you.” The snaggle-toothed old creep said in a breathy, but scratchy voice. Smiling triumphantly, the filthy, cloaked being bought the rusted blade above his head, ready to make his next kill, when something caught his eye.

Elias was smirking. Blood trickled down the cheek which the man had sliced. He took one gloved hand and bought it to the wound, wiping off the blood, and to the man’s slight astonishment, licked it off swiftly.

“What the…” He gawked, backing away slightly.

“Aren’t you aware of the dangers of walking alone at night?” Elias said almost monotonously.

The blond grinned, revealing pearly white fangs that he had kept hidden for so long, too long. The hooded stranger just stood there, his unsettling orbs no longer showing malice, but puzzlement. Elias giggled, then finally threw his head back, cackling into the cool night air.

“Do you want me to show you a magic trick?” The boy asked once he had caught his breath.

The beast of a man stilled. No matter what he did, he stayed immobilised. Perhaps the boy was controlling him, he had found himself mesmerised in those deep pools. Or perhaps he was too scared to move.

“W-what? He asked in a shaken whisper.

Elias’s grin grew. “I’ll show you…”

The boy approached slowly, but with certainty, and opened his mouth wide, wider than any normal human. Razor sharp fangs glistened in the moonlight like ivory and drool slowly dripped off of his rose lips. The man was completely frozen and petrified not knowing whether to run or attack.

“Eli!” Yelled a female voice suddenly. Both men present quickly whipped their heads around to catch sight of a young girl in a white nightgown, her arms folded and her pretty face in a scowl.

“What the hell are you doing?” She hissed as she marched towards him. She inspected the scene to see a helpless looking middle aged man in a cloak, trembling. His face was pleading and he whimpered, hoping the girl would save him.

Elias simply chuckled. “And how are you this night, dear, sweet sister? Dressed as a ghost I see.”

The girl’s lips pursed. “Hilarious.” The girl deadpanned. “At least I’m not dressed as a pirate, and did you steal grandfather’s watch?”

The siblings shared some more banter before finally turning to the sweaty man, catching him attempting to escape. Their mocking faces grinned, their identical orbs glowing with malice.

“So…” The girl started. “Who’s going to have the first bite?”

Elias put a finger to his chin as if contemplating an answer. “Hmmm, well…sharing is caring.”

“You’re right, for once, let’s go before he gets away, he looks like a juicy one.”

The two blonde demons neared him, though all he could do was stare blankly, awaiting his long overdue death. As they lunged and sunk their shark-like teeth into him, He let out a blood curdling, anguished scream into the air, partially expecting someone, anyone, to swoop in and rescue him from this torture.

But no one did.

In the distance, Grim stared at the horrifying spectacle just a few feet before him, staying ever stoic. His emotionless onyx eyes glinted in the moonlight and he huddled into his black trench coat, concealing wings as dark as coal. He walked on, whistling a morbid tune as he went, locks of white hair escaping his hood and floating in the breeze.

“The living are as livestock …” He recited, as if it was song. He continued on his way, leading the spirits of the fallen to the afterlife whilst carrying a sack filled with the damned on his back, wailing and screaming for forgiveness inside.

But it was far too late.

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