The Creepy Man.

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I am a 20 year old female and I live in Michigan I was 16 years old when these events happened. I am a huge athletic nerd and I go hiking every day unless I feel lazy. I picked the wrong day to go one day and I met and experienced something I will not want to experience again.

I drove to the hiking trail I go to just about every time I go hiking and this day I saw a creepy guy to look like he would be in his 30’s but me being as stubborn and hardheaded as I was back then I ignored my gut and went and started jogging on the trail.

I took a short glance at him and started going onto the trail and I got 200-300 yards away from the entrance and took a short break until I heard a scream from what sounded like a man and look down the path which made my heart drop. I saw the guy running straight toward me as my adrenaline rushed into me I started to run as fast as I can.

This guy was running so fast he was catching up with me and I was a really fast runner. This guy ran like he had taken 2 shots of steroids as I started to cry and panic I took a sharp turn into the woods and started to run back to the parking lot area.

I kept hearing his footsteps not to far behind me once again as I kept running the footsteps started to go slower as I was getting closer and closer to the parking lot. Atlast I made it to the parking lot and cried tears of joy as I took out my cellphone and called the cops. Not so long after they arrived and searched and found the man. He was a homeless 37 year old guy and they said they found a butcher knife in one his coat pockets. Till this day I am glad I did rotc throughout high school or else I he would of had an energy advantage against me. The creepy maniac homeless guy Lets Not Meet Ever Again.

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