the creeping creature form the forest

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i was 15 when this happend in the middle of the spring of 2016. i was home with my brother and i got bored after a while so i told my brother i was going out for a few hours.

he said it was fine.

so i walked down the streets. it was nothing special just a normal walk. i won’t do this often. but when i do go out it was just hanging around with my friends or walking alone. i got to the point where i was more bored then i was home so i thought why not go to a national forest. so i searched on google maps for nearby national forest and i found one just a few meter away form here. ten minutes later i was in the forest. it was fun. i got to see some small animals like racoons and some insects. it was fun in the forest. that was unitl exactly 30 minutes later.

i was done in the forest i walked pass it when i noticed something odd. a shining object. i turned to see what it was and i found nothing. later the same shining thing apeard and this time i turned. i saw the creep. a creature a human like with horns really rotten claws. it was leaning to the ground feasting or sleeping.

i clound’t tell. normaly when i saw something strange i would run. but as i was about to do that it woke up. and it turned so quickly i jumped in the air it stared at me looking in to my soul. i ran al the way home. i dind’t care how much noice i made i just got out there. when i got home i locked the door behind me. my brother gave me a strange look he said: um are you okay? i said:

i am fine.

it went fine until 4:34 am in the mornig i woke up to the sound of Rustles. it came form the bushes i had. i looked out the window i saw nothing. so i went to sleep when i heard the same Rustles again. this time i saw the creature, same thing same rotten claws, same horns i froze. i hid under my covers crying.

even i was 15 it was still horrifying.

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