The creepiest zoo experience ever

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This story took place about two years ago. I come from a small town in Virginia so my family and I decided that we would take a small road trip to northern Virginia. On our way to our hotel Harrisonburg, we seen a sign for a zoo nearby. I had never been to a zoo so I begged my mom to take me back the next day.

She agreed and the next day I woke up and my family drove me to the zoo.

They dropped me off and they decided to go to the classic car museum. I was 13 at the time so I was trusted. I bought my ticket and I entered the zoo. It was fairly empty due to it being very early in the morning.

I looked around at a few Animal enclosures, feeling eyes following me the entire time. I turned around and standing right behind me was an old man with a dirty beard and yellow teeth.

“You need any help little girl?” I jumped back and ran off in the other direction toward the elephant enclosure.

I thought I was safe, but I was wrong. I walked around the giraffes and the elephants for a while before heading over to a bird cage that people were able to walk into. As I open the door, I step into the room to my left and sanitize my hands so that I can go inside.

I was about to open the door and go inside when I felt a hand in my shoulder.

The guy with yellow teeth was touching me.

I tried to run out the door but he grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me into one of the wooden walls behind me. His breath smelled horrid and I was scared out of my mind. “ why you running away” he asked me.

I struggled in his grasp but he wouldn’t let go. I kicked and kicked but he was still in my face. He tried to put his lips on my face and I kneed him in the stomache. I was able to get out of his grasp and I ran for the door. I ran down near a llama cage and ducked behind it. I seen the man run past the cage and I ran towards the entrance where I had bought my ticket earlier.

I stayed in that building until my parents arrived to pick me up. I didn’t tell them what ha happened but as we drove away I seen the man standing in the parking lot with a yellow teethed grin on his face.

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