The Creature

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About 3 or 4 years ago, I decided to walk my dog around 11 O’clock. We were just walking along when hear this growl. A low, animalistic, growl. It sounded like it was right beside me.
I looked down at my dog to see that he is shaking in fear. I then look up to see, about 300 feet in front of me, the silhouette of something, covered in fur and standing on its hind legs staring at me. It gets down on all fours and starts running at me. I quickly pick up my dog and sprint home.

Half way home, I look back and see a pair of red eyes staring at me, causing me to turn around and keep running. I get home safely and decide not to tell anyone because they would think I was crazy, I never saw the creature again but for the next year or so I always carried some sort of knife with me.


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