The creature that followed us home

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I never believed in monsters or anything paranormal but this was a rude awakening for me. It was the beginning of summer me and my friend were very excited, lets call this friend Leo. Leo and I just got out of school and had plans to hang out and go to the woods about one block from his house.

After we got to his house we ate and hung out there for a while. We left after some time to go to the park it was about 3:30 pm. We got to the park and decided just to walk along the trails for a little while, well we lost track of time and before we knew it the time was already 6:00 pm and we still had a long walk home.

I said to Leo lets get going before its dark.

We began to walk and after a little time we were nearing the front of the park and it was about 7:45 pm and it was getting dark. I said to Leo “hey we still have a 20 minute walk lets speed up” and his response was “it will be fine.” So we continued on at a steady walking pace and about 15 minutes later the sun was below the tree line, so it was dark out.

I told him lets go speed up so we did, we were now speed walking when we heard loud rustling noises from out left. We both knew that it wasn’t the wind because there wasn’t any wind blowing. We brushed it off though and continued when we both saw white eyes beaming from our front left, now theses eyes were not just regular eyes they were big with a very slim and long black line in the middle.

We did not take this lightly and began to run to his house.

Once we got to Leos house we went inside to reevaluate what happen, we were so scared, but also confused. We sat around pondering what happened for about 15 minutes, then I said forget about it lets go on your trampoline. Once he agreed we went outside trying to forget about those piercing eyes. We started playing on the trampoline and at this point it was completely dark, but in my opinion it was fun.

About 5 minutes into having fun we heard noises from the far right corner of the yard. It went on for about 10 seconds, neither me or Leo could take our eyes off the area.

We could not see so we didn’t know that once the noise stopped the creature was walking towards us.

We felt something run under the trampoline and we both ran as fast as we could to his back door not knowing what monstrous being was following, we made it to the door ran in and closed it. We took our shoes off and then all of the sudden a loud bang came from the door as if someone slammed there body into it. We both looked out the door but nothing was there. fast forward a few days and Leo texts me and says the creature on some nights just looks at his house with those big glowing white eyes, but he can never tell what it is because it only shows up at night, but he did tell me it isn’t a cat it is a very tall creature since its eyes seem to hover about 6-7 feet above the ground. Lets jut say after that we hung out at my house from know on.


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