The clown

So my name is Anthony and we just moved.I am not going to say where I moved to.So the house we moved to was normal size but their was a huge forest and I checked out my room and it was all pink.And you know why this sucks if your 8 and yes I was 8 but im 11 know.2 nights later it was Halloween and their were so many people dressed as a clown so I was a clown.

When I was done trick or treating the front door was locked so I went through the back.but I went past the forest I saw someone.

He was dressed as a clown but he was not a kid.He was an Adult yes that was weird because what would a grown man doing out in a forest dressed as a clown at 11 o’clock? He approached me and said “Hey want some free candy”?I said No freak! And ran for help.Luckily I found my dad and I told him what happend.He checked the forest and saw him and the clown waved.And looked at me and said “still want that free candy”?My dad looked at me and said he is being nice now go get the candy from him now!I shouted NO!

My dad told the clown to come here and he did.I looked at him and he looked at my dad.Then what I saw changed me I Still have nightmares about it and Still cry my eyes out. The clown took a Hatchet and stook it right through my dads head.Luckily I had a phone and ran and called the police crying barely speaking.but they cought him and I saw him in hand cuffs and he was looking at the ground.I said hey clown he looked

And I gave him the middle finger still crying.And that was the last time I saw the clown and my dad But that was not the only clown sighting I had their is 8 more.

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