The camp stalker

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My friends and I thought it would be a great idea to go camping. Plus it was a sunny day and we thought it might be a great idea to spend the day in the great outdoors. I was packing my clothes and my iPad. And I was on my way to meet my friends at the campsite. When I got there I noticed that my friend had brought his dog.

I asked him why he brought him. His reply sounded concerning.

“ because of the thing in the woods,. He said it as if he was frightened I thought it was a joke though so I got the tent setup with my friend who I’ll refer to as Jax. We were telling stories at the campfire at about 11:00 PM when we heard the dog barking aggressively.

I told Jax to go check and he said there’s nothing and we resumed telling stories and making marshmallows.

We went too sleep at about 12:34 PM. I woke up to the sound of barking and growling. I told the dog to be quiet but he wasn’t The Who was barking. I looked to the tree by the campfire and I noticed a weird looking creature. It looked like it was smiling it’s body was resembled as a bear. I woke up all friends and told theme to run.

We got on our bikes and the dog followed us back home but the creature was following us on all fours we rode our bikes faster then we ever did when i got back to my house I locked all the doors and windows and told my mom.

She didn’t believe me though but I still remember this and I am sure to never go camping at that place again.

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