The Bridge Ghost

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This is not my story but my friends who wishes to remain anonymous so the details may be a bit wonky. So be for we start here is some background info. This takes place on a bridge going over a manmade lake in our county. Now this lake is a known place that the Russian mod dumps bodies. I know it sound crazy but it’s true I swear. The bodies are found with there hands and heads cut of to keep them from being identified. Now that the background info is out of the way it’s time for the story.

This takes place about a week after my friend, who I will call Q, lost and Uncle who he was very close to. In Q’s family there’s a tradition were when someone die in the family the other family members would drop a rock of the bridge at night to honor the deceased. But the thing is that not many people in the family liked that uncle other than Q. So after a week of trying to get the others to the bridge with he gave up and went alone

When he arrived at the bridge is was about 10 o’clock at night. After he parked and got out of his car he could tell that there was an errie feeling in the air but decided that it was just his imagination. After  he walked what he thought was far enough out he pulled a rock that he had taken from his own backyard and slowly dropped it of the bridge and waited to her the plop of it hitting the water but instead he heard the crack of the rock hitting the rocks the had been exposed due to a drought during the last couple of years. This was disappointing because he could have sworn that he was far enough out were the rock would hit the water. But it didn’t matter much to him because he was shure that his uncle wouldn’t have cared ether.

After standing and thinking about his uncle for a bit While went to leave but when he went to walk a way he hears the crack of the rock hitting again. Confused and a bit startled he looked over the edge and tried to see what made the noise. Now this bride is very high and at night it becomes very hard to see the water or it’s edge. When he turns to leave again he only makes it a free steps when out of nowhere he feels hands pushing his back he turns to see nothing but an empty road. A feeling starts to rise in that he needs to get off this bridge or something bad was going to happen so he starts to run back to his car. The hole time he felt hands trying to push Him closer to the edge.  When he gets to end of the bridge he tries to see what looks like a man with no hands or head disappearing.

He drove away from that bride so fast and home were he immediately went to sleep. The next day he read on a local news website that a body with no hands or head was found the day before right below were he dropped the rock. He thinks that the man was anger that no one came to honor his death band took his anger out on Q. This spooked my fried so bad that he won’t even drive that bridge past 6 at night out of fear.

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