The Bluffs Monster

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So this story happen’d around 2007 or 2008 and i was out with my dad and uncle (note i no longer have a dad) on some family land and this land had a lake, river, woods and bluffs.

We got there around noon and we unpacked and set out to go to the bluffs, which is about a 5 minuet walk down a steep hill and some mild wooded area.

When we got there we had to walk over this tiny river which was about 2 feet wide and not even 1 foot deep, we set up camp underneath the bluff and just went to walk around and take in the sights.

About 2 hours later i get this very odd feeling of heaviness and like some one was watching me, note this land is right on the trail of tears, so i told my dad that i wanted to leave and i don’t feel good and he said okay.

They took me back home and they went back there too stay the night, this is when it’s my dad and uncle sides of the story.

They got back to camp and the sun was about to set so they made a fire and started too relax around it.

20 minuets later and they hear this scream, a scream that how they described as a cross between a woman, man and a howl.

So my dad got up too get more sticks for the fire too keep what ever that thing was away, 2 minuets later my uncle starts too hear foot steps in the tree line and he calls out for my dad, but there was answer and about 1 more minuet my dad walks out from a completely defiant direction.

They start too put a load of sticks on the fire and there hear that scream again, but the keep putting sticks on the fire and my dad pulls out his rifle and scans the tree line.

After 30 minuets the foot steps were gone and they did not hear another scream for the night, they ended up going to sleeping leaving the fire going. ( like it matter’d since they were under a bluff with just sand stone under them)

In the morning they got the hell out of there fast and when they got back they told me and my mom about it.

2 weeks later we went back in day time to the very bluffs that they had slept under and some of it had fallen, right where they had been 2 weeks before.

The bluffs are still there too this day but ever since some of it fell more and more of it was fallen too.

I would like to believe that what ever they heard that night must have caused the piece of the bluff they were under to fall, mind you this must have been a few tons.

So what ever is in the woods of Oklahoma must be very big and strong enough to break a piece of a bluff off.


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Lol!!!! Is the author of this drivel 10 years old? “Omg he heard something strange therefore BLUFF MONSTER!!!! And since a boulder fell down shortly after that means it was so enormous it made that bluff fall?”

Seriously, how gullible are you? Just because someone hears something weird does not mean it is a monster, and in fact it is extremely likely to be something like a fox. I just love people who wail about sounds, I remember my dad messaging me about how he couldn’t sleep because there was some monster screeching in the backyard.

I got home from university after a week or so, and it was still making all that racket so I got to hear it. I went on the internet to find out what it was and lo and behold it was a fox’s mating call if I remember correctly. We have a lot of animals that make incredibly weird and terrifying sounds.

However, it is not proven as a monster sighting if you never saw the monster. Seriously this website has very low standards… this was not a monster sighting. How are we supposed to take this website seriously when they post people whose tits quaver at each weird sound? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂