The blocked room

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Couple of years ago I was visiting my best friend who studied in another city. I stayed at her dorms and when we got hungry and decided to go buy some groceries, it was already dark outside. The store was pretty far away but we headed out anyways.

On our way to there we saw an abandoned building and since we are both passionate horror fans, it intrigued us and we said ‘Screw it! The groceries can come later.’ We went to check it out and when we got closer to the fence that was surrounding it, we saw a sign that said that the place was abandoned ward of a hospital that is currently deteriorating and dangerous. After a brief check we found a hole in the fence that wasn’t too far away from the sign. It was enough for a person to fit through so we decided to explore the building anyway.

I opened up my phone and started taking a video when we got in. That was our only source of light in the pitch black darkness. When I shined my phone light on the floor, it was full of trash and broken glass and scattered around we saw couple of wheelchairs. On the other side there was a staircase to the second floor and we thought that would be more interesting to check out. So we did. We climbed the stairs slowly with my phone lighting the way.

When we reached the second floor the light showed more of the broken glass on the ground. I started thinking that the whole experience is getting pretty boring and disappointing, but for the sake of my friend I decided to keep exploring anyways. We kept walking on the corridor for a bit more until a room in our left caught my eye. Instantly I wanted to see what is inside so I quickly turned my phone in that direction. In a split second my phone completely shut off… as everybody knows when a smartphone shuts off, it shows the logo and what not but not in this case. It just stopped responding. So now we were left in the dark and we started hearing creepy sounds down the hallway. While all of this was going on I was constantly trying to turn on my phone but with no success. At this point we were really fucking scared so we ran out of there as quick as we could in the darkness.

As soon as we left the building my phone lights turned on. The first thing I did was to check if the video is saved but as you can guess, it wasn’t there. At that point the last thing we wanted to do was to go back in there again so we called it a night and headed straight back to her dorms.

Couple of days passed and the fear was replaced by curiosity so me and my best friend persuaded her boyfriend to join us this time. And of course we had to do it during the night again. We got in the same way and headed straight for the room at the second floor. What really shocked us was that the whole doorway was bricked out. That stopped us from accessing that room that we so badly wanted to check.

That did not stop us from exploring the hospital and we kept walking down that hallway. The third floor staircase was blocked and next to it were the emergency stairs for the first floor so that’s where we headed to. My bestie was leading the way as me and her boyfriend held the lights. While walking down the stairs, about to step on the first floor she told us to quickly shut off the lights and stay silent as she peeked from the corner. She kept peeking for minutes which felt like way more than they were as I stared at the empty rooms and the wheelchairs in front of us, which made it much creepier. She then whispered to us to check the fence next to us for another possible exit or entrance, so we did but saw nothing. We waited for some more time while she stayed like that, when out of the sudden she yells at us to run as quick as we could toward the exit. We ran not stopping or looking back till we reached the dorms.

When we reached the stairs of the dorms we were out of breath and we just collapsed there. We demanded an explanation from her and what she said truly horrified us all. She had seen a tall black figure of what seemed like a very large man standing still in the middle our exit. It did not move a single bit, it just stared our way. We tried to explain what the fuck just happened for hours.

It could not be a guard of the nearby hospital or he would have looked around or flashed a light or did something except just stand and stare, it could have been the person who bricked out the door on the second floor which creeped us out even more because that would mean he saw us the first time we entered and knew we would come back. Why else would somebody block out a door of an abandoned building that you’re not supposed to go inside anyway. What could he be hiding to be so important to brick a full door in couple of days.

We also considered that the question isn’t who but what, after all we still can not explain what happened to my phone as I was just about to light up that same room.

We are considering going back there to check it out again to see if the door is still blocked, but this time it sure as hell will be during the daytime.




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