The Black Creature

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This all happened a few years ago. I don’t remember how old I was but I was anywhere between the age of 10 to 12.

My family were taking our annual holiday to the English coast, a three hour drive from our home town, and most of that journey takes place on a long stretch of motorway, where you aren’t really allowed to stop unless you break down, or if you reach one of the service stations.

This road could be surrounded by anything from factories to wide open fields.

It was in one of these fields, about halfway through our trip, when our family saw something strange: It was a large black creature, walking on all fours.

At first we thought it was a dog, as the field would be ideal for dog walkers, but it didn’t look like a dog. While it had the basic body of a greyhound it was much larger and bulkier, and it seemed to have the head and tail of a panther or other black cat, even though it was running diagonally away from the road, and we didn’t see its face,

and it did appear to be stalking something, just like the big cats in the wildlife documentaries. Bare in mind that it was broad daylight, and we were in the lane closest to the field, not to mention that my family, me and my mom in particular, are big dog fans, and we are very good at identifying different breeds.

We didn’t get a very long look, however, as we had to keep moving, but in the end we simply concluded it must have been a mixed breed of dog (even though there were no humans in the field). My family never thought much about it after that, and with me been a sceptic I was more than happy with the conclusion of it being a dog.

A few years later, about 2 years ago as I’m writing this, I came across a documentary about some kind of werewolf stalking the countryside of England. A lot of other people had encountered an unknown, wolf like creature (bare in mind there are no wild wolves in England). I couldn’t believe it. These people had seen exactly the same thing as I had, and they too were confused.

While this documentary didn’t conclude what this creature was there were several theories. But whatever it was apparently hasn’t been seen for a few years, so it has either died or had moved to another part of the country.

My family still take the same holiday at least once a year, in exactly the same route. None of us have seen it since, but I still think about about the encounter whenever we take the trip, and wonder what happened to it.

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