The Biker

So I Always Left For School At The Same Time 8:20 Am And Always Came Back From School At 3:25 PM And Always And I Mean ALWAYS! A Very Pale Old Man Riding A Black And Yellow Bike Wearing The Typical Biker Gear Would Ride Right Past My House As Soon As I Came Home.I Thought Nothing Of This Though It Was Kind Sort Of Strange That Everytime I Happened To Come Home He Would Be There Riding His Bike With That Blank Look On His Face Which Was Creepy But Again I Thought Nothing Of It Until One Day…

He Seemed To Stop In Front Of My House With A Flat Tire. Now Im What You Would Call An Introvert I Don’t Talk To People Unless It Necessary But He Seemed Troubled And I Was Having A Good Day.So I Ask Him “Do You Want Me To Ask My Mum If She Can Help With Your Flat Tire?”. I Know my mum knew nothing about bikes so this was a stupid question but anyway He Replied “…” Nothing He Said Nothing He Gave Me This Deathly Stare And Walked Of With His Bike.

This Freaked Me Out I Thought for sure he was going to make a move like trying to kidnap me or kill me after giving me that stare but nope.. he just walked off. I Get In To The House And Ask My Mum If She Knows The Guy But She Had No Info About The Old Man. A Bit Of Backstory In The Neighborhood this takes place in Everyone Knew Each Other On At Least A Friend Level So If This Guy Did Live In This Neighborhood He Was Very Seclusive.

So I Ask Around The Neighborhood If They Knew where this guy lived but no clues. I Eventually Gave Up And Wondered “Why Do I Even Want To Find This Guy? He Is Probably Just An Innocent Old Man Who Really Likes Biking” Oh Boy Was I Wrong… About 1 Year After This Event I Notice The Old Man Stops Appearing Sort Of Strange But Whatever The Guy Looked Like he was 80 When I Saw Him maybe he is tired? 5 Years Later I Was Sitting Down To Breakfast When A Breaking News Report Comes on… It Was The Old Man..

He Had Killed Himself. His Name Was Robert Goldstone A Famous Biker He Had Let Fame Get To His Head And Cheated On His Wife Which Had Made His Wife Leave Him. After A Horrible Accident Happened He Was Told He Could Never Bike Professionally Again He Lost His Fame,Money,Wife And House His Wife Wouldn’t Take Him Back A In A Fit Of Anger Killed Her Brutally! He Only Had His Bike Left… He Left A Suicide Note Giving The Coordinations For His EX Wifes Body.

I Visited His Grave Once And Out Of Respect Bought His Old Bike And Left It By His Grave…

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