The Beach Creature

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By Xenomaniac

Growing up in Houston, you never really get used to the crazy Texas weather. It can be hot all year round, then suddenly there can be snow out of nowhere just for it to be hot again a few weeks later. It’s very odd, and the runoff from Hurricanes coming out of the Gulf don’t help either.

So, with all the heat, it can be nice to go for a swim every once in a while. For as long as I can remember, my family has gone down to Galveston to swim every chance they got. It’s a bit dirty in places, but nothing beats relaxing in the Ocean. I like to get in the shallow water where I can still sit but the water is up to my chest. That way, the waves rock me back and forth. 

I became accustomed to the beach in Galveston. I knew it like the back of my hand (pardon the cliched phrase), and Ocean water became something I missed the moment I got away.

During the summer, the beach is jam packed with other people, which was especially irritating for me. But there are times during the year when it’s not so crowded and you can lay on the beach just for the peace and quiet, even with the bustling town right behind you.

This experience happened one early fall in 2009 (I think it was 2009 – I just remember that fall started out hot and we had no idea when the temperatures would finally reflect the season). The three of us, my mother, father and I, went down to Galveston on a weekend and enjoyed some waves on a cloudy yet hot day. The waves were pretty big, and my mother ended up telling me not to go too far out in the water. I never did, but I could understand how the larger waves could be a bit creepy.

The beach was the emptiest I had ever seen it. There were maybe four other families set up throughout, so the entirety of the place was open to a roaming, curious teenager like myself. After sitting in the surf for a while, I decided to walk along the beach looking for shells and anything that caught my eye.

There really wasn’t much there, but I did happen upon something that looked like a snake track. It was maybe three inches wide and curved in a sort of ‘S’ shaped pattern. It started from the rocks on the nearby slope and disappeared into the water where the waves slowly dissolved the trail. I remember wondering what kind of snake lived in the sea and was that big around?

Upon closer inspection of the trail, there seemed to be ridges in it, which didn’t make sense to me. If the creature had ridges around it’s body, sliding on the sand would still leave a smooth trail, right?

Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued.

I tried to guess where the trail was headed. There was a nearby pier to my right, so I walked along the shallow water toward one of the closest wooden columns (pilings I think they’re called). If this thing was a snake, it probably wouldn’t be in the open water, anyway, rather the darker water under the pier.

Sure enough, as I got closer to the pier, I saw the trail reemerge from the water, those same nonsensical ridges telling me this was from the same animal. They headed toward the underside of the pier almost smack dab right onto one of the wooden columns. I jogged up to the column, and I saw that the trail thinned then disappeared into it, as if this snake animal thing had wrapped itself around and crawled up the wood.

Immediately, my eyes began scanning the underside of the dock. That’s when a sudden feeling of fear came over me. I realized that if there really was some sort of large creature under here with me, I don’t think I wanted to be there any longer. I stood still, checking my surroundings, before I started walking back toward the shore. But the moment I turned in the direction of the open beach, my heart nearly exploded in my chest.

A large, dark silhouette stood right in front of my face. Well, not stood – It hung down from the underside of the pier. It was long and pitch black in color. There really weren’t many defining features on this thing. There were no eyes or face – The area that was directly in front of me seemed to shine in the light, and the whole of its body was covered in even ridges that expanded and contracted as if it was breathing.

I found myself crawling backward away from the thing. But the moment that I started moving my arms, I heard this deep hissing noise. It almost sounded like a massive wind was blowing right past my ear, but the whole time this snake or worm like creature seemed to vibrate.

Suddenly, it slunk down onto the sand with me, and I could see the actual length of this thing as its body stretched down. It must’ve been a good twenty to twenty five feet long. It dropped onto the sand into a big black coil with what must’ve been the head poking out of the top. I could feel this thing looking at me, staring into me.

Suddenly, my head started to ache with the most painful migraine. My head and heart were both pounding, I put my hands over my ears. I don’t know why – It wasn’t like there was some sort of ear splitting sound, but at the moment I honestly thought I was going to die.

Just then, I picked myself up, and mustering all the strength I had, I ran past the creature and toward my parents. I don’t know what I was thinking. Had that thing wanted to, it could’ve bitten me, attacked me, wrapped itself around me. I could be dead. But once I was out from under the pier, I turned back, and the creature was gone. It was as if it was never there. It scared me more thinking of how fast that thing could move.

I ran to my parents, telling both my mother and father what had just happened. They never had any reason not to trust me before, and I was fifteen – A bit old to be making up things or believing my nightmares were real. I could see this look on their faces like they wanted to believe me, but they had no idea what it was that I must’ve seen.

I don’t know myself what I saw that day, but it was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing in any movie or nightmare has scared me as much since. And what leaves me with chills even still was the way this thing never touched me, but it still made my whole body feel as if it was going to implode. No natural creature of this Earth can do that.

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