The Basement

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I am not a stranger to the paranormal. Ever since I was 12, I noticed we were not alone in this world. The story I am sharing is not my first experience, but the scariest so far.

I was 16 at the time. Due to my parents being divorced, I had to go see my father every other weekend. He recently moved to a new rental. This rental has a bit of a story. You see, the previous owner of it just let his animals die. We would always find bones in the yard. Being in the country side gave me very little things to due, and outside was not an option due to the landlords’ business was run on the same lot. Shortly, my right to stay upstairs in the living room was taken away by my step-mother. My room became my sanctuary.

My room was in the basement. As time went on, I started to notice a presence near my room. The presence slowly grew over time, but never bothered me during the day. I would always forget about it as I went to bed, but the presence was stronger when all the lights were off. I slowly became paranoid, so I turned on my favorite rock station to ease my nerves each night. Then the presence became over baring. I made the mistake of looking at my door as I tried to sleep.

Through the crack, a bright, golden orb appeared. I blinked, thinking I was just tired. The orb slowly turned into an eye ball. I made contact with a creature’s eye. The malice that came from that one contact was enough to force me to stay awake all night. The creature just stayed there, watching me. Each time I would move, the eye would follow. I could not turn on the lights, for the switch being right next to that door. Being the fool I was, I forgot my cellphone charger at my mom’s house. I was not able to reach my father. I was frozen in fear. No one would be able to help me.

I was awake for what seemed liked days. Not sleeping well the night before did not help me at all. I started to hallucinate without knowing, the laughter from the hallucination brought me back to reality. I was seeing spiders everywhere, this was a great shock due to my extreme fear of spiders. That is when I knew I had to get out of there. Not having a flashlight, I took a weird disco stick I got at some event. I ran for the door and turned on the lights. The creature was still there, but I had to get upstairs. The fear was getting worse by the second. I swing the door open and run for the stairs, the automatic lights tuned on as I ran up. I fumbled as I opened the door to the upstairs. Dread began to fill up. Once in the upstairs, I slam the door shut, locking it in the process. I looked out the front window to see the sun beginning to rise.

The after shock from the event kept me awake. I sat on the couch, with a small blanket on me. I doubled checked that all the doors were locked. Not that would help with anything, but it helped my mind calm down a little bit. I was out before my father got up, and they were all shocked to see that I was on the couch. I told them something was up with the basement, but they never believed me.  I would never get enough sleep for three months after the incident, but my father got another divorce and lives in a better place.

Recalling this experience is not kind to me, nor my memory. Only event that is still  completely vivid is that golden eye through the small crack of my door. I never felt fear like that before. I honestly have no clue what that thing was, or what it wanted with me. Who knows how long it had its sights on me. I will give my deepest sympathy to who lives there now, but hopefully my old bedroom is just a storage space like most basements should be.

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