The Babbling Shadow

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By Tom

I have grown up with the strange and paranormal. When I got a job as security at a local warehouse it became regular for all the third shift guards at this post. We have had a lot of strange occurrences here. I may go into detail more about those later. This one however I am posting because it literally just happened.

We are at the moment shorthanded with guards. So I am working a three man post by myself. I had music playing, and shut it off to make a phone call. As I sat in momentary silence filling out the paper work after this call I heard incoherent babbling.

I thought it was some employees messing with the radio until I realized it was too clear. So I checked my phone to see if it was making weird almost Sims like speech for some reason. It was still paused.

So I looked over my shoulder.

I saw a human figure dart out of sight of the window as the babbling abruptly stopped. The building I work in is aptly named “the shack” because that is what it is. A small shack in the middle of a fenced in area filled with trailers. 3 of the four walls have windows so I can see anyone driving or walking up to the shack.

The back it to the main warehouse, and I can see the entire lot. There is no one outside the shack, and the closest trailer was a good run away.

Like I said I am posting this one not because it is scary, but bizarre and recent.

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