That was not her brother

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When I was younger, having sleepovers was a normal thing for me and my best friend. She lived in an old rundown house next to mine. After a night of fun, we crashed. Now, a bit of information on the situation, she shared a room with her mother with two beds. I got hers and she slept with her mom.

Every night, they locked the door to make things safer and never once did they unlock it at night. At almost sunrise, I woke up and looked around the room. Everything looked normal and as it should. I closed my eyes once again. But I suddenly got a bad feeling and opened them once again. The door was open.

And in the doorway was what looked like a 99¢ store ripoff of her older brother. He looked angry. His normal dark skin was now an odd pale green color. His wide, bloodshot eyes, looked me up and down without him moving his body.  When We finally made eye contact, I froze. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, other than a towel rapped around his lower half but he wasn’t wet. He just stood there…….looking at me……I tried to lay my head back down on the pillow but I couldn’t. I was in the weirdest trance. Finally, I broke this things gaze and shut my eyes and rolled over.

I finally fell back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I told my friend what happened and she laughed it off.

I asked her brother what he was doing last night and he replied with “what do you mean? I never even got up last night”. I never mentioned this to anyone until recently. But I hope that I never see that thing EVER again.

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