That skin walker

this story is very short but when I was told about this experience I was pretty freaked.

So I was on the way back home from a week long camp out, and on the night before we left we were told some stories about wendigos and skin walkers and other freaky things.

So my friend was fine until we got into the skin walkers, he was freaked out by skin walkers I didn’t know why he was terrified about skin walkers until he told me later.

Something you should know about him is that he is probably one the most funny and happy people I know, so he said that his dad had an old friend that was on a hunting trip in the mountains, so his friend wanted to go exploring on his own.

Later that day he came back to camp wide eyed and scared almost to death.

He told every one that he saw a skin walker and nobody believed him, he also told them that he was going to die that night, he said the skin walker told him that it would kill him.

Of course nobody believed him so they were very surprised that he was actually dead, frozen in his sleeping bag. nobody could find what killed him so they assumed he was telling the truth and that there was actually a skin walker in those woods.

They all went home after that. I already believed in ghosts before I heard that and I new we weren’t being told about everything going on in the world but I didn’t believe in┬áskin walkers but I definitely do now.


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