That creature in the woods

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Hi my name is Carlos I’m am now currently 14 years old, this sighting happens while I was backpacking in rural Arkansas high in the mountains.

Me and my friends which for confedential reasons I won’t say their names but let’s call them Jerome,John,Kaleb, and my crush who I will call Laura went backpacking with my fellow church youth.

On the very first day backpacking I noticed how quiet it was I mean like the forest was empty kinda quiet but I ignored it putting it off as maybe it’s just very quiet here, but being a country boy I should have known better.

After long and tiring 5 hours of walking we finally decided to stop and rest for the night. I will explain how the surrounding area looked like( it’s important) we were separated into 2 groups guys and girls us guys we slep in a clearing near a massive hill while the girls slept under a ridge of a cliff and on the right of both camps was a river also in between the camps was a ravine.

Us guys being young and stupid decided to explore before it was too dark we ended up finding this cave around 30 feet away from our camp. After exploring the cave which was empty.

We decided to go eat dinner. For some reason we didn’t make a fire. After eating our counceler told us that we needed to have a buddy system when we used the bathrooms bc it was hunting season. After the meeting we went to bed.

That night I woke up with a strong urge to pee, being the good freind I am I didn’t wake up any of my sleeping freinds as I climbed up that massive hill to pee behind a tree near the top.

Now ik that was dumb but hey u rather go pee in a ravine.

Which now sounds better. As I was going up I heard a branch break but I brushed it off as some kind of nocturnal animal during mid pee I hear a low and guteral growl bc I was in mid pee I couldn’t stop as soon as I finished peeing I raced down the hill I made the mistake of turning around and I saw a massive easily around 6 feet tall and very pale humanoid looking creature with huge black eyes which were fixated on me.

I immediately ran to my tent and passed out from fright the next morning as we were leaving I saw in that cave a pale looking face peering out to me i screamed and ran. My friends didn’t believe me but one of my freinds came up to me and told me that he saw it but bc he takes medication for his depression he thought he was hallucinating.

Pls tell meh what I saw I have moved from there and now I live in New Jersey.

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