Thanksgiving Terror

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It was the week of Thanksgiving and my family left my brother and I alone for the holiday. My parents wanted me to stay home because I had to take care of my guinea pig, and my brother was with me because they didn’t want me to be completely alone.

Well the first couple days of being alone we’re fine. We would order pizza and watch movies, ya know the normal. Then the next day was Thanksgiving. I was not to thrilled since we didn’t have a huge meal because my parents were gone. But we did end up getting one of those cheap frozen warm up lasagna things from Walmart the day before.

Before we realized it, it was night time. My brother and I were getting tired and about to go to be at any minute when we got a knock on the door. My brother answered it because I always get so paranoid when someone knocks on the door late at night.

He opened the door and to our realization it was one of our neighbors checking in on us. He said ” Guys, are you ok?” My brother said ” ya why?”

” I saw a bloody handprint on one of the windows of your house and I was wondering what it was and if it wasn’t like a left over Halloween decoration.
“We don’t celebrate Halloween” I said. There was a long pause. …Uhh I’ll go check it out my brother said. So he went by all the windows and he couldn’t see a bloody handprint on any of them. So we asked our neighbor why he would want to scare us. He said that he swore he saw it but I honestly didn’t believe him.

We had a little argument with our neighbor and he just ended up leaving and said ” I’m just warning you guys to be careful tonight.” So then we shut out door. We were kind of relived that he left because we didn’t want him arguing with us for a year.

So then we went back to brushing our teeth and other things before bed. Till we heard another knock on the door. My brother decided to look through the peephole this time and it wasn’t our neighbor.

Or one that we recognized for that matter. We didn’t end up answering it. But then he knocked again but this time SUPER LOUD! So then my brother opened the door. It was this man. He looked like he might be about 30-35 years old.

We definitely didn’t recognize him. So we asked him what do you need. He said he need water. We wanted to be kind so my brother went to get water and it was just me and this man at the door. We had some awkward small talk like how was your week and what’s your hobbies. Then my brother came back from taking forever to get that one water bottle out of the mini fridge in the basement.

He was about to give it to him when he grabbed me and was about to put me in his car. It was a black corvette. I would not expect it to be the kind of car someone would kidnapped you in. Then my brother pulled me away and we ran back to our house so quick. We locked the door and called the police. They came and we told them what happened.

They reached our house. They searched the neighborhood. They reached everywhere practically but they could not find him. So I hope one day they will find him before we tried to take someone else and gets away with it.

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