Thanksgiving With Your Normal Crazy Stepmother

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My father got divorced with my mother when I was about 3. I didn’t remember much, like most people. When I was 10, my father got married again. Let’s call my new stepmother Jodi. Every time that I was around Jodi, I got a bad feeling… like negative energy filling the room. I often avoided her, because she scared me at times.

At our first Thanksgiving with Jodi, all was going normal. I still felt that weird negative energy feeling, but worse. My whole family on my fathers side was there. Jodi was sitting on the couch on the other side of the room. When we all sat down for dinner, Jodi was silent. Everyone tried to talk to her, and she was still just… QUIET.

It was weird.

In the middle of our dinner, Jodi stood up and went to my father’s room. When she came out, she had a gun in her hand. Everybody sat still, shocked. I was terrified at this point. “Jodi, what are you doing? Put the gun down…”, My father said. She pointed the gun at me. ‘Why me?!?!?’, I thought. She squeezed the trigger, put the loud bang of the gun never came. I looked towards Jodi and saw her on the ground with my dad on top of her. “Liv! Call the police, now!”, my father said.

I grabbed the home phone and dialed 911. Soon enough, they came and arrested Jodi. My dad hasn’t married again… yet. I am still traumatized to this day. The day I almost died will forever remain in my memory.

And so will my crazy ex-stepmom, Jodi.

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