Texting ghost story

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For insight, I’m a teen from arizona, practically the most boring state in the country, and this happened earlier this month, so this story is still fresh in my mind… I will feature screenshots to validate this story but they are not needed for the horror of this experience.

I awake to about 10 notifications from my phone. Mostly Twitter. One caught my eye. I saw that I had a message from my texts and I immediately tap it to see what it was. I have notifications from a group chat with 2 people besides myself. I will use their real first names because it makes it easier with the screenshots. Melina and Aniken. I see texts from aniken and Melina talking. Aniken repeats the message “I killed them all” and when Melina asks “you killed who?” he says “I killed the angels. This has me creeped out and soon I start chatting with them.

Melina says the strangest thing. She says that I said something eight times and she didn’t know what it was. She put the message into google translate and it was polish. I haven’t taken polish classes and I have no clue what she is talking about since on my screen i haven’t said anything strange. She says that it means “I killed the angels”. I freak out and I call Melina. We talk about it; and keep in mind we are in the middle of one of the hottest summer’s and I have crappy AC, suddenly the room gets SO cold that I have to go outside. The call fades to white noise and my phone just powers off. This is strange since my phone doesn’t overheat and it was more than halfway charged. I take a stroll outside. I come back home and it is still cold. This is about a half hour later. My phone now turns on and I have no notifications. I am weirded out at this point and I set my phone to charge. I watch a movie and a bit later after doing things it’s getting dark.

As it gets dark I remember to take a walk outside, as I do it every night. I get my hoodie and shoes on and I set off. I had my phone with me keep in mind. As I’m walking I hear a voice. Like one of those voices you would expect a creepy person to have. I turn around, because I have no idea who is behind me. Lo and behold nobody is there. I turn back around and I get a flash of cold and fear. I shudder as I see a stalky figure of a man in front of me. He wasn’t there before. I say the figure of a man because they or he was completely black and faded into the air like a shadow. His neck twists to the side in an inhuman way and I see it’s jaw move and it says in the creepiest voice I have ever heard…

I killed them all

I killed the angels

None of them can save you now

I blackout and I wake up on the ground with one of the people on the block shaking me. She had a kind smile and she asked me if i were alright. I didn’t respond out of shock. She asked me where I lived and I pointed to the direction not saying anything. She leads me home as she explains how she found me on the side of the small road through the residence. We get to my home and my mother is at the door worried sick. She yells at me in Spanish while she is crying. She yelled in spanish while the years streamed down her face


I proceed to tell her what had happened to me. I was still in utter shock and at first she looked at me and I don’t think she believed me but to my surprise she did. Nothing else interesting happened after that.

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