Terror from TF2

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Over the summer I played alot of video games but my experience happened on a game called “Team Fortress 2”

So one afternoon I was on Team Fortress 2 when I got a message saying that a user sent me a friend request. Curiously, I accepted it. I asked if he needed help or wanted something. The user quickly responded back saying “you know what I’m here for”. I told him that I didn’t even know him. A few minutes later he sent me a trade request. I wasn’t surprised because I am an experienced player with a few valuable items. He told me in the trade chat to “cough up”. I thought to myself, “This is getting weird”. So I turned off my PC to take a break.

A few hours later I got back on Team Fortress 2. I realized that specific user wasn’t in my friends list anymore. I thought since he removed me as a friend I would never have to worry about that guy again. I was wrong…..

About two weeks later I got a Skype message saying someone sent me a contact request. I accepted it just so I could mess around with the person who probably added the wrong contact. He seemed like a normal guy at first. However then it took a hard twist. The Skype user said, “Remember me?” I responded no. Then he sent me the same words again. He typed “you know what I’m here for”. At this moment I knew exactly who I was talking to. I told he to go away and leave me alone. He send me a bone chilling message saying, “You have made the worst mistake of your life” I ignored it of course.

3 Days later, I was having trouble sleeping when I heard the front door blow open. I walked down stairs to close it. It was storming after all so I thought that the wind blew it open. After that I went to sleep.

I woke up the next day and checked my phone.I saw 1 message. It was a picture of my front lawn and my house. I then remembered about the door opening the night before. I went downstairs to see that all my TV, coffee table, and other expensive objects were smashed. On the smashed TV, I saw a note that read the username of the Skype user…

I was able to replace everything, but ever since that incident I always fell like he never left…


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