Terrifying screech

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Hello, this is a short encounter that happen to my dad this year. It all began when my Dad was sitting in our little porch which faced our neighbors 100 acre field that they used for their horses to rome around in. At the end of the field is about 30 square km of thick forest and bush.

There is usually a lot of animal activity in the bush at anytime of the day really.

Like this one night I heard what sounded like far away sceaming but i’ll share that another time. Now this is what my dad told me- He was having a smoke in our little porch when he accordingly heard the most ear piercing screech/ scream he has ever heard in his entire life and he’s heard a lot of unexslpained sounds.

Thats when our neighbor across the road came rushing down to our house with a loaded gun wondering what the heck was going on.

My dad told my neighbor that it came somewhere from the bush line at the end of the field. My neighbor and my dad decided to shoot off a couple rounds towards the bush line to push back whatever was lerking around in those woods as far away as possible because they wanted nothing to do with something that could generate a noise that loud.

Thats when I came down stairs wondering what all of the gun shots fired and got all of the information. I remember my neighbor saying something about a wendigo and a skinwalker.

My dad thought it was definitely unnatural due to the fact that it was far to loud and powerful to be a mountain lion or anything around here. My neighbor eventually left and it was just me and my dad sitting in the little porch eyes locked to the bushline.

My Dad then looked me square in the eyes and said “something happend in these woods tonight son, but we will never exacly know what”. After that we had our dinner not telling my mom we were just doing some target shooting because she would go insane if we told her what really happened tonight. We mad sure every door and window were locked tightly and called it a night.

I’m still paranoid about what my dad told but he was right, we will never really know what made that hair raising scream.

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