Tenkiller monster

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Let me tell u that I don’t really have a normal life. I live with my parents and when I was 10 we went swimming at the tenkiller lake in vian while we were there me and my friends decided to go into the woods. Now being 10 and the most mischievest boy in the group I was leader we stayed in the woods 4 the night and freak out our parents.

Now let me tell u that if you don’t want nightmares for the rest of your life u don’t want to go into the woods at tenkiller.

Now as we were going to lay down and sleep I heard a woman screaming for help I went to go help my friend Jason grabed my shoulder and said “w… What the bloody hell was that” “I… I don’t know” I replied we both went together with the rest of your group we went the direction of the sound and found a old barn the womans still screaming we ran into the barn not sure what to expect when we got Inside what I saw was horrifying it was a half woman half deer she…

It had antlers on its head its eyes were the darkest shade of red I have ever seen it stood there and stared at us then I saw a bler next to me

I saw Jason on the ground his neck bleeding me and my other friends ran out of there I didn’t look back to see if that thing was following us but I heard my friends screams cut short behind me I was the only one to make it out. I’m 14 now and haven’t been back since but when we drive past it I see my friends and the thing staring watching as I go by thank u darkness


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