Take my heart

This happened when I was in the fifth grade, I’m a freshman in high school now. So at that time, I would’ve been about ten. At the time in fifth grade, I was still identifying as a girl. Now, however I am a male, this is important to note. This guy I’m going to be talking about is straight.

Anyway, the guy I’m going to talk about, I’ll call him Mark for some privacy, is a very strange guy, if he likes a girl, he stalks them almost. He follows them, constantly asks the girl to go out with him. He doesn’t leave the girl alone until they either say yes or another girl comes along. He also has autism so most of the girls don’t want to push him away.

Mark at one point became infatuated with me. He keep bugging me and trying to get me to go to our school dance with him. I hated him because he either made fun of me often or just… Stared at me. He would follow me all over the school and would beg me to go out with him.

There was one really creepy incident with him. I was sitting in the back of my classroom, just drawing because I never payed attention in class. Mark had gotten up and sat next to me, staring at my drawing. I wont ever forget this conversation.

“Love it, what is it?” Mark asked.

All I did was brush him off and ignore that he was there.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!”

I, being the idiot I was, continued to ignore him.

Mark got annoyed as I went on without listening to him so he grabbed my drawing and tore it up. He broke my pencil and threw my markers on the floor.

“PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY HEART!” He screeched, grabbing me by the shoulders.

At this point, I was crying. I was very easily scared so this felt like a nightmare.

Mark didn’t stop screaming until he was finally dragged out of the room. From then on, he would always glare at me.

In high school now, he keeps cursing me out and mimicking me. I hate that he’s in all of my classes, because he tries to talk to me every single class. He follows me around the hallways too.

I just hope he doesn’t decide that he wants to still date me, he’s not gay so I should be safe but… I’m not quite so sure..


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