Mysterious creature at firewatch

Mysterious creature at firewatch. -Ghostzlayer00
English is not my first language so please bear with me!

This happened about a week ago and i just have to put it out for people to hear. A little info to set the scene. I live in the northern part of Sweden, on the countryside away from the bigger cities.
I work as a Harvester and Forwarder operator with two collegues, and if you dont know what that is, its big red machines that harvest timber. And when its summer time and the ground is dry, its a big risk that the machines chains and tracks grinds up towards a rock and sparks a fire, so on this day i was working as a fire watch to make sure nothing like that happens. I have an ATV with fire extinguisher and water tanks on the back to put out fires with.
So, the story begins
It was around early noon and my co-workers was driving around and i was standing just observing from a far, to my right is the logging road with all the timber stacked, and to my far left is the newly exposed tree line.
I was just observing the machines when i got the sudden urge to look to my left, but i couldnt see anything, just the trees swaying in the wind, i scanned the treeline intensly but i dont really know why.
Suddenly i spotted something behind a medium sized rock or boulder. It was a tall dark shadow, at first i just thought it was an old rotten tree or something, so i started my atv and proceeded to approach it.
The closer i got the more nervous i got. When i was about 40-50m from this thing i could start to make out shapes, as said before it was tall and dark, maybe 3 meters in height, it appeared to have arms but it was really hard to see, i didnt want to but i felt an urge to aproach it more, and so i did.
I was really scared at this point and just wanted to turn around and get the h*ll out of there. I stared at it intensly for like 1 minute, but it felt like hours, and then suddenly it just shrunk down behind the rock, which made me jump a little. Now i got sceptical thinking it was someone messing with me, so i turned off my atv and started to walk towards it, when i arrived i took slow and quiet steps and started to peer around the rock. But there was nothing there, and this made me very scared because i didnt hear annyone run away and i didnt see any footprints or any disturbance in the vegetation.
So i turned around and ran back to my atv and booked it away fast. I do not know what i saw that day, but it still freaks me out, i told my co-workes but of course they thought i was playing a prank on them.
I can assure you that this was very real, i will not blame you if you don’t belive me. Ive been back there since and havent seen anything else, but i still get the creeps everytime i look towards that specific treeline.

The creature with red eyes

So to understand this story you need to know that I stay with my dad over the summer and both behind and in front of his house is woods but to the sides is neighborhood. It was my first night there and I was staying in my sisters room since I dont have one.

She started telling me a story of what happened to her friend and her. They where having a sleepover and saw mysterious red eyes outside the window. They went to go check it out and could only find that the flowers outside her window looked like someone had sat on them.

So this scared me since I was like 10 and had had many supernatural things happen to me. So I stopped sleeping in her room I slept on the couch but this didn’t help at all. So on just about the 5th day there I was going to sleep at 3am I always waited for my dad to get off work.

I hear a faint noise at the glass door in my house just inches from me. So being a curious, ditzy kid I go to check it out and I see nothing, I spent a solid 5 minutes looking before I did see the faint glow in the woods. The red eyes where piercing. I couldnt move I didnt want to move I felt paralyzed. It left though after such a long time of staring.

It didn’t end there though I used to escape the house and walk around all day so I was doing that in the early evening and it was just getting dark. I was almost home then I heard a rustling of bushs and turned to look at the woods right next to me. I almost cried when I saw those red eyes staring at me.

What was worse was the creature that owned the eyes it looked almost human and was very tall but slim. It stared at me and I stared at it. I would have stayed there forever if it hadent started walking towards me it was already so close I ran.

I ran the short distance to my house but said nothing about what had happened. I found this to be a mistake. It stalks me every time I go to my dads it scratches the windows and every night I hear a raspy voice that sounds like the wind is blowing it away say “let me in” I learned to live with it when I’m there I leave food out it eats everything from bread to raw meat.

I dont know what it is but as long as it doesn’t come inside or to close I think I’m fine just living with it for now.

The Red Face

I am an 18 year old female. This happened to me when I was about 14 or 15. My parents are not together & my dad lives in his parent’s basement due to financial problems from mistakes he made in his past. My parents had me right out of high school so they are both very young.

Because of his age & living with my grandparents, I’ve always felt like my dad was more of a brother than a dad. He loved to scare me when I was younger & he still does. He would always make me watch scary movies & wear Halloween masks around the house & try to jump out at me. As I got older he would even wait for me to get home & hide behind a tree in our yard & jump out with a knife at me just to see my reaction.

At first my dad scaring me all the time made me a scaredy cat about everything. I was basically scared of my own shadow. As I got older though my dad told me he was trying to scare me so much that it would be harder to scare me when I got older. & I think it worked. As a 5’2 110lbs female I don’t scare easily now. I’m probably more confident than I should be if I was in a bad situation. & as messed up as it seems I have my dad to thank for that.

But this story takes place when I was still scared of my own shadow. My dad smokes & wasn’t allowed to smoke inside the house so he’d have to go outside no matter how late it was. Anytime my dad was outside he’d yell at me to come here & try to tell me there was someone outside & in the woods by our house. Or he’d run in & say someone was after him. Of course I knew he was joking, but I was still afraid. One time he even locked me outside & told me people in the woods were coming for me. I even had to bang on the door to wake my grandparents up to let me in!

My experience happened very late at night. I was in the basement with my dad. He was asleep on one couch & I was watching South Park on the other. All of a sudden I heard tapping on one of the basement windows. At first I didn’t think much of it, probably some animal. Then it got stronger & sounded like rocks being thrown at  all the windows in the basement.

I ran upstairs to my room as fast as my short legs could carry me. I decided not to wake my dad up because he had work in the morning & my grandparents would just shrug the incident off if I woke them up. So I thought I’d be a good idea to call my boyfriend & tell him what happened because it’d make me feel better. My bedroom is on the second floor but my house is built on a hill so my window is actually close to the ground. As I was on the phone with my boyfriend It got unnaturally quiet outside. I couldn’t hear the bugs chirping anymore. It was like that silent moment right before something bad happens in a scary movie. Out of nowhere a blood curdling scream came from right out side my window. It sounded like a horror movie scream. Even my boyfriend heard it.

I hung up & ran straight to my dad. I’ve never been so shaky in my life. I told him I thought someone was outside my window & explained everything. He grabbed a knife from under the couch because he’s paranoid & always sleeps with a weapon near by. We both went outside into the black. It was hard to see anything, but we could hear a lot. It sounded like someone walking on leaves. All around us. I stayed behind my dad as he went further in the yard. I remembered about my phone & took it from my pocket & started taking pictures all around us hoping to get anything. Everntually my dad told me to get inside & I waited a few minutes for him to follow. He said he didn’t see anyone but someone was defiantly out there.

Now, my dad takes pictures outside with his phone & get’s orbs & all kinds of weird looking mist in his picture, but I always thought he edited them. I was never more wrong in my life. I told my dad I took pics so maybe we got a glimpse of the guy. Looking through the all the pictures we noticed a red dot in the background of a picture. When zoomed in it looks like a face with hands up by it’s cheeks. The first picture isn’t edited. The second picture has a filter to make the face easier to see. I don’t think it was human because there’s no body & we never saw anyone out there.

I’ve always felt like I’m being watched when I’m at my dad’s. Especially in the basement & outside at night, but I always thought it was my imagination & being scared so much. This might not be a really scary story to you, but to me it is. This whole time I thought the woods people, the pictures he took, & him saying someone was outside was just him trying to freak me out. I never thought it could actually be true. I don’t know what scares me more, the fact I caught something in my picture. Or the fact that my dad locked me outside in the middle of the night all alone with that thing.

The house in the forest

This is a true story that I am going to tell you. It was the summer of 2016 in North, me and my cousin (who will remain unnamed due to privacy) were hanging out at his place bored out of our minds. So we had the idea of exploring some of the trails that go deep into the forest, we had permission to go into those woods by the old man who owned all the property. He had recently bought the land a few years prior. He made a statement saying that alot of the trails down there are unexplored, he told us to remain cautious because the property spans out for miles. So we both grab our four wheelers and head to the trails.

We’re driving through these trails, creepy as hell as would any forest would be. We make notes of every turn and certain key details to help us avoid getting lost in the dense forest. After 30 minutes if driving down the paths we come across a somewhat clear patch in the forest but what we saw shocked us the most.

What we saw was an old, abandoned 2 story house. The path had large ditches completely filled with water on each side. Me being the dumbass I am let my curiosity get the best of me, persuaded my cousin to go explore the abandoned house. We park the four wheelers facing the path we had entered from. Walking up to the house made me feel, strange. I felt like I was being watched by some unseen presence.

After entering the house it was completely empty, carpet ripped out, wires hanging out of the sockets all that stuff. We decide to look around just for the fun of it. Nothing of interest was in the first floor, so we decided to go explore the upstairs section of the house. Walking up the stairs they started to creak which made the situation kinda creepy, but we kept going up.

Upon stepping on the floor, I saw one of the bedroom doors were open. Walking into the room we saw through the window , a somewhat large pond in the backyard. Examining the pond I noticed what I thought to be someone or something rising out of the pond, I shrugged it off as me seeing things. Then I could clearly see I’m seeing some humanoid figure standing in the middle of the pond. Covered in moss, twigs , muck. This thing seemed to be staring blankly at the lower portion of the house until it looked up at me.

Piercing, yellow eyes. Like they were gazing into my soul. My cousin asks what I’m looking at and the expression on his face, never have I seen him have such a scared expression. We decide it’s best we leave as soon as we can.

Then we heard the back door open. We sprinted out of the house and jumped on our four wheelers. Driving off I decided to look back and we saw that thing, looking down at us from the upper left room.

To this day we don’t know what we saw. Never again will we go into those woods again.

First Experience With The Jersey Devil

I live in Southern New Jersey in a very small town located near the Pine Barrens.  This stretch of woods is a famous area and home to the Jersey Devil.

I’m sure you’re wondering why is that area named the Pine Barrens?  For lack of better words all that grows there is pine trees and nothing else.  You can read up more about these woods on the site Weird New Jersey if you’re interested because trust me it’s interesting.

That’s not what this stories about though, as I mentioned this is about the Jersey Devil.

My friend, let’s call him Dan, lived in a house in a section of the pine barrens that backs up into my town.  There’s not many houses out there and it’s extremely dark at night.  There were five of us there that night me, Dan, Kenn, Natasha and Emelia.  We were in highschool and as we often did we sat in an old van parked outside Dan’s house, you know the kind, the creepy windowless ones people associate with pedophiles.

It wasn’t a functioning vehicle so us being the typical stoner kids would go outside and hot box the van as we smoked some weed.

We were out there for about an hour or so when Kenn had to go pee so he went outside to go and shut the door behind him.  About two minutes later he began banging on the van door shouting “Guys, guys let me in quick!”

So we did and he slammed the door quickly behind him.  We all were giggling in our high state and I asked “What he hell man, what’s your deal?” He was trembling and pale as a ghost.

We stopped laughing when we finally realized he wasn’t joking around.  “There, there’s some… something out there man.” After he said that we started hearing a long scratching sound that began at the back of the van and went all the way to the front as if someone was keying the van with a set of claws.

We went silent, cupping our hands over our mouths to cover the sounds of our breathing.

Then I heard the most terrifying noise I’d ever heard in my life, a very loud high pitched screech that could never come from any human.  The van began shaking violently as if this thing was trying to push it over.

My friend Natasha started whimpering in the back mouthing the phrase “we’re gonna die here.  I’m going to die here.”

I put my finger to my lip to shush her and Emilia held her tight to try to calm her.  It went silent for a moment and then we heard a huge whooshing sound that I could only imagine was something taking flight.  There was a heavy thud on top of the van, then heavy pacing back and forth across the roof, that sounded like hooves.

After about ten minutes of the pacing we heard that ear piercing screech again and then the whoosh of wings as this thing flew off.  The five of us sat in silence, waiting and praying that it was gone.

After about thirty minutes Dan slowly opened the van door to take a peek.  “I think it’s gone.” He whispered.

We all rushed out and made a beeline to the sliding door of Dan’s house.

We didn’t say much the rest of the night, we just kept smoking until we all fell asleep in Dan’s room, Dan and Kenn on the floor with me, Natasha and Emilia on the bed.  We talked about it a bit the next morning, as we accessed the damage to the van.

We didn’t have to say it, we knew who it was it could only be the one thing that lived around here besides the deer, the Jersey Devil.

I’d like to say that was my last experience with him or it but it wasn’t.  But that’s a story for another time.  Don’t let you guard down in the pine barrens, you never know when the Jersey Devil might be lurking in the area.