Haunted Forest Story

Hey there Dark Daddy, I new at this and have been wanting to submit stories from my life for along time. Many of which I will keep to myself, as I am currently putting them into a paranormal comic book. For the record, I am a 27 year old mom. This story is one of my earliest memories that string together the paranormal happenings inmy life. Your video wanted a haunted forest story, and I have one for you.

I was very young, probably six or seven, but maybe as young as 5. I have always lived in Southeast Michigan and everyone here camps, we headed four hours north- the exact area I don’t remember and was too young to care. It was my Aunt’s cabin. An aunt that I had an intimate connection with. My mother’s family comes in two forms, extreme Baptists, and witches. Yeah. I know. Witchcraft is a path that runs in our family and I talked to my Witchy Aunts about scary things I didn’t understand. This is important later. The ride felt like an eternity, with my four siblings, my mother, and my one aunts family in the next car. It was nighttime when we finally got there. I remember us driving slowly up a paved road, you gotta drive slow at certain times of night because deer are everywhere. We round a corner and staring at us, unmoving, is a massive buck. My brothers marvel at it, saying how tasty an eight point buck would be. I stare at this animal, it didn’t look.. ┬áRight. I felt like crying. I’ve seen deer, many times, at this age. I felt, disturbed. His eyes weren’t right and his mouth hung slightly agape. It was odd behaviour. We drove around it, but I couldn’t stop staring. The gaze of this animal followed my eyes as we passed by. I stared, afraid and accusingly, like I felt its existence was a lie. The buck smiled at me. The corners of its mouth curling unnaturally around its face. Not something a deer does. I felt horrified, yet validated. I was an old child, already seeing too much of human beings, and so exposed to the horrors of nature. I felt heat releasing from my body, and my soul screaming at it, telling it to GET BACK. The encounter beginning to end was was only about two minutes, but we all know how time has the sadistic tendency to slow itself and prolong our fear in moments like these. I wish that was the end of it.

We all slept in the living room, exhausted in our sleeping bags. The cabin was freaking awesome. Two stories, small, but the layout was super neat. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I remember sitting up amongst the sleeping bodies and in the darkness, it stared back. A black mass towering outside the large windows of the cabin, staring me down, watching my entire family sleeping in the living room. It was very human, but I remember being confused by its long forearms. It was so dark from it being cloudy I couldn’t make anything out. I was already on edge from seeing that odd buck. It wasn’t until decades later that I would connect the dots between the odd buck and this humanoid figure. I felt more empowered, it was less scary to confront a strange man than a smiling buck. A single pane of glass was separating us. With one throw of its body, it could break it and get us. The fact we had ten people versus one black shadow man didn’t factor into my judgement. I felt my family was in danger. I felt angry, I wasn’t sure why. But in my fear I whispered harshly “Get. Back. STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.”

And, like the kid I was, ran to the bathroom and stayed there. I know my behaviour doesn’t make sense, but I was six years old. I did my business quickly and stood at the sink thinking of what to do. I looked for a weapon, but not a real weapon, i told myself, because i could get in trouble. I took a nail file and eventually left the bathroom, creeping along the floor and pressed against furniture.

I was gunna fight em. Whatever it was. I was gunba fight him. There was no shadows at the window.

The air was buzzing, I felt the shadowman was still there. Somewhere, watching.

Sleep took me eventually. The morning I woke up everyone had already been awake. My older cousin gave me a bowl of cinnamon cereal. I told him. “I saw a shadowman outside the window last night.” He hesitated, uncomfortable before he smiled and said. “Didja flip him off?” I laughed and said no. He looked and me and smiled telling me quietly “Remember what my mom says? Don’t tell people stuff like that, it scares them. Don’t tell Cate.” My sister cate was two years older but didn’t have the same problems I had. I should add I am the youngest of a large family.

The day goes on and we play and scream and run around in the woods near the cabin. Two neighbour kids in the cabin down the road joined us. The cabins are very spaced apart. Our cabin had a shed thirty feet from it. The area was fairly open and the adults were building a fire as the younger ones acted like kids and had a contest to see who could find the vest stick and had swordfights.we ran back and forth across the dirt road, playing in puddles and being our age. I remember seeing my aunt near the fire pit behind the cabin, being the whimisical woman she was, she struggled with a lighter. It wouldn’t light. My siblings and cousins weren’t around but I could hear their yelling and laughing. My aunt looked around, snapped her fingers and make the flame on the lighter jump to life. I giggled, peering at her like a guilty pixie from the side of the cabin. She told me to shut up and go play.

I looked past her and saw my sister standing near the shed. I ran toward her, and she turned and bolted, I picked up the pace thinking it was a game of “keep away from the obnoxious little sister” Cate’s favourite game at that age. When I rounded the corner of the shed. No one was there.

There was so many trees, I knew she was hiding behind one of them. I called out LOUDLY to her. “YOU CALL ME CHUBBY BUT YOURE THE UGLY ONE.”



Nothing stirred.

“Cate?” I called out. She liked to scare me. So I walked around to peer around trees. I kid you not, I only took a few steps, and looked around then the shed and cabin was gone.

I stopped and turned, keeping my feet planted. Michigan has a lot of forested areas and parks, and I’ve gotten lost before, so I kept my feet planted so I know the direction I came from as to not get turned around.

I turned my body to face the direction I knew I came from. Did I wall further than I thought? I was shook. No way I ventured so far from the shed. I walked in the direction I came. No shed between the tress.

I felt panic. If I was lost, I know my sister was lost. The sun was high in the sky. I knew I was going to be fine, I was good at getting myself out of situations like this. I absorbed a lot of skills from my siblings, so I was a street wise kid. I saw a large, knobby tree, the kind that come alive in cartoons. The curves in it reminded my of the tree from disney’s Pocahontas. I hugged the tree. Tree hugging was a thing I did. Oddly enough my niece did it wheb she was toddler, and my daughter hugs trees and talks to them. This wasn’t a behaviour any of us were taught. Its was just something I did. I believed trees had feelings.

“Shh.” A whisper came from my left. I froze. I remember seeing a yellow haze drifting between the trees. I wasn’t afraid of it, just perplexed. “I think I’m lost.” I said out loud. No one was there. I didn’t know why I spoke outloud or to whom, the haze got larger. I hugged the tree next to me.

“HEY!” A loud male voice yelled. A tall man in ripped denim stood fifteen feet away. I became afraid. I couldn’t speak. I don’t know why.

I stared at him.

“HEY!” the voice came again. My eyes widened. I heard a voice, but the man’s lips were not moving.

“Come here.” The voice had more malice.

“No..” I whispered quietly. I knew he wasn’t someone I should listen to. Something was wrong. My stomach was churning. I felt myself sweat.


I clenched my eyes shut. I felt a voice inside me say “You’re in danger.”

“NO. Go away. You can’t hurt me.”

I open my eyes and see the manmoving towards me. But, he isn’t walking like a person. He’s lurching, with one arm tucked to his side. His cheek bones are uneven, the skin is warped. He isn’t a real person. I back up and turn my head. The golden fog brushed againat my skin. It felt comforting even in this odd moment. I was full of fear yet knowing i was goimg to be ok. When I look back, he was gone. This intensified my fear, it rose instantly and gripped my throat. If I could see him, I knew which way to run- away from him. I started screaming. Just screaming and making as much noise as I could. I felt a tug in a direction, like an instinct.

I moved in that direction continuing to scream. I knew my voice would carry and alert someone. I ran for what felt like forever. Finally I bumped into the neighbour his face was distorted with concern. My mom was right behind him.

I was bombarded with questions. I was two miles from the cabin. Two miles? My adult brain is wracked by the fact. I took only a few steps from the shed, and somehow ended up two miles from the cabin. I told my mother I was following cate into the woods. She stared at me, confused. You didn’t follow anybody, cate was across the street with the other kids.

I was bawling. That was impossible. I saw my sister run behind the shed and followed her.

My aunt looked at me concerned. “They tried to take her away.” She said to my mom knowingly. My mother hissed something nasty for her to be quiet. “Nobody is trying to take you away. Why did you wander off by yourself?”

I didn’t answer my mom. I shouldn’t tell people things like that. About the man that wasn’t a real man. Things like that scare people.

As an adult, knowing what I know now. I think I encountered a skinwalker. I believe the buck, the shadow, and the thing pretending to be a man were the same entity. I also wonder about the kind voices and gold fog, I believe there was a forest spirit guarding me. I know stories of skinwalkers they don’t just disappear like that, they are persistent. Before we left the cabin. A large black dog stared at me from the woods. It had wolf-like featured and golden yellow eyes. I didn’t feel afraid. I remember smiling at it from the car and waved. I felt thankful. I still feel thankful. I never went to that cabin again. But I have seen that wolfdog spirit since this experience. My aunt tells me it’s a guardian spirit. We have them protect us from malicious entities. Damn, I am so grateful for that.

The Stregheria Experience

Before I get into my experience, I should preface it with a few facts. I’m a biologist, and as such I place a lot of weight on evidence I try to ignore eye witness accounts and anecdotal experiences. To me the word paranormal is a misnomer, there are simply things we don’t understand yet.

I also have to admit that I use cannabis frequently, but not for fun, it’s at the direction of my physician. As such I don’t really use any strains that are strong enough to effect me in any other way than relieving pain and allowing me to fall asleep, I’ve been doing it for 2 years now, and I’ve never had an experience like I did two night ago. We live in Southern California, we recently moved to a beach city. Our new home is being remodelled so we’re staying in another home my family owns temporarily.

My family only purchased this home a month back and they haven’t moved in or began to work on it yet. From the very outset the house oozed with darkness and straight out weird floor plans, that get you lost, doors to no where, a secret entrance to the garage, and a bonus room that is only 10×10 has a sky light and two pad locks. I decided to lock that room and never go in it again since it’s going to be demolished soon anyway. There were mirrors everywhere and it creeped the hell out of my wife, they looked like the mirrors from that horror film oculus but much smaller and there were as many as 10. I removed those and but them in the garage except for the largest which was bolted on the wall, and I have no tools with me.

Once we got settled I started to check out the bedrooms and it only got creepier from there, two of the bedrooms had windows, but these windows didn’t go outside they were one way mirrors into other rooms in the home, including that creepy 10×10 room.

I decided not to tell my wife about those two bedrooms and suggested that we put our air mattress in the living room. She didn’t question this as our furniture was in storage and there was no furniture in the home, she just assumed I wanted to watch the large television that was in that room. We went to sleep just fine that night, actually being thrilled that we moved and had an ocean view, I pushed the creepiness out of my mind as stress from the move. I dismissed the houses odd design and chalked it up to the original owners, who built the home in 1966, just being really bad at DIY, but that was lying to myself to be honest. I woke up the next morning and that’s when things started to get bad.

As I walked down the hallway, the large mirror caught my attention, I looked and at the top the name of the past owners were carved into the mirror. It wrote enjoy your new home from Mr. and Mrs…we can call them Pizza. I’m not being derogatory or funny, but it’s the first thing that comes into my mind about the previous owners and something I probably should have mentioned before because they had about 4 industrial sized pizza ovens in the house. This was odd because I was told they were hermits.

Anyway, back to the mirror, I tried to get it down without tools for at least 10 minutes the day before, this carving was not there the day before but I ignored it and told myself I was just stressed and it had to have been there the day before, but I knew it wasn’t. I decided we needed to get out of the house, it was sunny, and we’re six blocks from the beach.

We didn’t move to a beach city to sit inside all day anyway I told myself. We decided to put our new puppy in one of the bedrooms as he’s old enough to be on his own but I wasn’t ready to give him free reign of a new house, as huskies are known to be escape artists. We went out and had a good time, when I came back I heard my puppy crying, I ran to the bedroom to let him out but it was locked…from the inside, I could hear whispering but not enough to make it out.

Screw this I said, and kicked the door in…didn’t care since it’s getting replaced anyway.

I barged in and it was pitch black, it shouldn’t have been because I play a TV in the background with nature noises to calm the dog down while we aren’t home. I turned on the light and there was no one there, not even my dog, I began to panic when I heard him crying again but this was in another room, not the one I put him in, and he certainly didn’t do this on his own. I found him locked in that creepy 10×10 room. I let him out, assuming someone was screwing with us and changed all the locks.

I went to sit on the air mattress and destress with some guilty pleasure TV that wouldn’t engage me intellectually too much. I couldn’t leave the house as there was a technician on the way to install wifi, which we desperately needed as there are times in this city where you can’t even get a weak signal. The installation appointment window came and passed. I’m patient so I waited another hour and a half before calling the company, by this time it was dark outside.

They told me there was an unforeseen issue and that they could install it today and would be there first thing in the morning, which was fine. The night came and we fell asleep until about 3 am when I heard a large…rumbling growl is the only way I can explain it but not like you’d here from a dog, being a typically overcrowded beach city there wasn’t really any wildlife except for what’s in the ocean. Next I heard a shattering noise….yup it was in the 10×10 room again. I went ready to finally fight the person that was screwing with us.

I went into the room and of course there was no one in there I looked at the one way mirror that went into the next bedroom, from this side you could only see your own reflection. But it was mostly shattered, I went to expect it and there was a bullet hole, it was an exit bullet. I’m sure of it because I’ve grown up with firearms my entire life since my dad is a cop. I don’t think anyone else heard it which is also odd because land is a premium here, our neighbors are less than 20 feet away.

There was nothing I could do but lock the doors again and go back to sleep, not telling my wife what I saw, trying to push it out of my head altogether. The morning came and the internet service technician was there. I opened the door and he looked absolutely terrified and seemed like he didn’t want to come in.

When he saw me, he instantly relaxed like and smiled like we were brothers who hadn’t seen each other in years.

He said he was happy to see me, assuming he was just being polite so he got a good customer service response on those surveys they always ask you to take. But he continued at how relieved he was to see a “normal person” at this home, curious I quizzed him. He told me that most of the people in the neighbourhood were afraid of this home, he told me that the neighbourhood was initially settled by Italian immigrants, and the previous owners fit into that group. He then told me that the woman who lived here was regarded as a practitioner of Stregheria.

I had never heard this before, but he told me it was an ancient form of mysticism rooted in catholic roots, the closest English definition would be witchcraft. Being the cynical biologist that I was I laughed thanked him for coming and he left. I went into one of the spare bedrooms because we left our luggage in there, and I didn’t think it was necessary to move it, as I was and am still skeptical for the most part. I only say most part because of what happened next.

The closet door in the room was open, and it was an extremely heavy wooden sliding door, that no one in the house had the strength to move, other than me. There was a box of photos in there and stupidly I decided to look. Almost all of them were of the previous owner and her dog, she doesn’t look so creepy to me I thought.

Time came for bed again and I was pretty stressed still so I went outside to smoke a little pot so I could chill out and fall asleep. The marine layer had rolled in and visibility was only 10 feet, it was also about 59 degrees. To some that might not be very cold, but we’re spoiled here and it’s enough to make all tourists and beach goers to stay home.

I sat outside and started getting my things ready to smoke, my wife came outside and we talked. It was extremely barren outside, there were no cars or people on the street and it was almost completely silent except for the sound of a barking dog almost two blocks away. My wife went inside and I went back to the edge of the yard where I smoke so it doesn’t go in a neighbors window. In this section of the yard I would perch on the ledge which normally would give you a beautiful view of the harbour lights but not tonight with the fog.

Oh well I thought and was about to light up when an extremely frail Caucasian women you looked elderly came from around the corner, she was walking a dog.

The dog I had seen in those photos from the box in the room. Lots of people like small dogs I thought, in this part of town they were almost an accessory. She walked by extremely slow, deliberately slower than what would be normal for someone of even her age. She walked past me and stopped at the neighbors drive away faced away looking at the harbour which again was odd because you could see nothing.

She did this for maybe 10 minutes, I assumed she hadn’t noticed me. She began turning her head back and forth quickly and in an unnatural jerking motion as if she was paranoid about being attacked at any moment. I once more did something incredibly stupid, jumping down from my perch I said hello ma’am do you need help? Can I help you home inside where it’s warm? She said nothing but jerked her head once more finally fixating on me. Her face was extremely grimaced like she was angry.

Not just normally angry but ready to fight angry. I started to walk closer toward her as I couldn’t really make her face out.

I had no fear, I’m 185 centimetres tall and about 112 kilograms. She looked to be about 140 centimetres at the most and definitely no more than 45 kilograms of that. She took a step toward me as well and came into view, I was immediately terrified and my heart rate was higher than even I put in a hard cardio exercise. It was the woman from the photos (Mrs. Pizza as I called her). She was pale, paler than normal, she smelled like rotting fish, she was soaking wet but the worse part is that her eyes were red.

Not just pupil but her entire eye. I screaming like a small child and jumped back taking a defensive posture ready to fight till the end. She then smiled and took a step back fading into the thick marine air. I decided I didn’t need to sleep that night as I was pretty terrified and didn’t want to smoke to the point that’d I’d fall asleep. I called my mother the next morning and told her she needed to move up the demolition date of the house.

I’m not sure if that will be the end of it, I don’t have a concrete answer for my experiences either, rational or not, my peace of mind is worth more, so we’ll be staying at an extended stay hotel until our place is ready. Scary red eyed Italian witch, let’s never meet again.