The Haunted HouseNarrated! 

This story is from the prospective of my aunt.My aunt still lives till this day in the house where many people have experienced their nightmares.When she first moved into the house she had a sensation that something was wrong.The first event she experienced was when she was praying one night and as soon as she finished she felt as if someone or something was choking her.At the same time a pen flew across the room. She was panicked as soon as it was over ,but she couldn’t do anything about that was the only place they had to live.

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Did I Fall Into A Time Slip?

Hello, my name is Shylah, and the other day I had one of the strangest experiences of my life.

This will all sound a little crazy and a bit long, but I swear to you that every word is the truth.

Let me start with a little bit of background, my life is all about Fashion & Music, and as such, for my career, I style myself as “The Queen” and wear some very out there outfits, think Lady Gaga meets Elizabeth I.

At the time of this event, I was doubting the whole thing, I usually get so many compliments on my outfits, but being a guy and dressing up as I do, Crowns, Make-up, Jewellery ect. I get the people who don’t like it, I get loads of stares and funny looks, but sometimes I get someone being verbally aggressive, issuing threats and calling me a fag or a puff and the like, but just lately I’d had quite a few and was considering giving it all up.

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Haunted Forest Story

Hey there Dark Daddy, I new at this and have been wanting to submit stories from my life for along time. Many of which I will keep to myself, as I am currently putting them into a paranormal comic book. For the record, I am a 27 year old mom. This story is one of my earliest memories that string together the paranormal happenings inmy life. Your video wanted a haunted forest story, and I have one for you.

I was very young, probably six or seven, but maybe as young as 5. I have always lived in Southeast Michigan and everyone here camps, we headed four hours north- the exact area I don’t remember and was too young to care. It was my Aunt’s cabin. An aunt that I had an intimate connection with. My mother’s family comes in two forms, extreme Baptists, and witches. Yeah. I know. Witchcraft is a path that runs in our family and I talked to my Witchy Aunts about scary things I didn’t understand. This is important later. The ride felt like an eternity, with my four siblings, my mother, and my one aunts family in the next car. It was nighttime when we finally got there. I remember us driving slowly up a paved road, you gotta drive slow at certain times of night because deer are everywhere. We round a corner and staring at us, unmoving, is a massive buck. My brothers marvel at it, saying how tasty an eight point buck would be. I stare at this animal, it didn’t look..  Right. I felt like crying. I’ve seen deer, many times, at this age. I felt, disturbed. His eyes weren’t right and his mouth hung slightly agape. It was odd behaviour. We drove around it, but I couldn’t stop staring. The gaze of this animal followed my eyes as we passed by. I stared, afraid and accusingly, like I felt its existence was a lie. The buck smiled at me. The corners of its mouth curling unnaturally around its face. Not something a deer does. I felt horrified, yet validated. I was an old child, already seeing too much of human beings, and so exposed to the horrors of nature. I felt heat releasing from my body, and my soul screaming at it, telling it to GET BACK. The encounter beginning to end was was only about two minutes, but we all know how time has the sadistic tendency to slow itself and prolong our fear in moments like these. I wish that was the end of it.

We all slept in the living room, exhausted in our sleeping bags. The cabin was freaking awesome. Two stories, small, but the layout was super neat. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I remember sitting up amongst the sleeping bodies and in the darkness, it stared back. A black mass towering outside the large windows of the cabin, staring me down, watching my entire family sleeping in the living room. It was very human, but I remember being confused by its long forearms. It was so dark from it being cloudy I couldn’t make anything out. I was already on edge from seeing that odd buck. It wasn’t until decades later that I would connect the dots between the odd buck and this humanoid figure. I felt more empowered, it was less scary to confront a strange man than a smiling buck. A single pane of glass was separating us. With one throw of its body, it could break it and get us. The fact we had ten people versus one black shadow man didn’t factor into my judgement. I felt my family was in danger. I felt angry, I wasn’t sure why. But in my fear I whispered harshly “Get. Back. STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.”

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Witch in the Park

Now, it’s not much of a story, but it’s believable because of that.

The story doesn’t take place in US like most of the stories here but in southeastern Europe, Croatia to be more precise in city of Dubrovnik. If any of you watch Game of Thrones you can recall the scene of Joffrey’s wedding and the park where the scene of it was took, is the park in which my stories take place.

Now the park isn’t that large at all, in the most isolated place you are probably 2 minutes of walking away from the nearest house, and you can walk trough entire park in 10 minutes, but when it gets dark it can get really creepy.

First story happened probably a bit less than a year ago my girlfriend and me we were walking in the more wooded part of our little park, but still we were 10 seconds from the nearest house. My girlfriend is the easily spooked type of person, so I was making fun of her being scared of this park, she was begging me to go out of it and I assured her we will be out in a minute, when we suddenly heard this, what is best described as a witch’s cackle, like that cliche cackle you hear in kid’s movies. So there was no previous noise of people talking or walking or anything like that, nor did it came from the direction of the houses I mentioned before, it came from the only direction there were no,

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The Thing I Saw Was Real

For the sake of privacy, I’d prefer not to disclose my city, but I come from India. The city I live in is a very busy one, judging from which, most of you would believe that paranormal experiences hardly exist here. But I’m not kidding when I swear that what I saw was not a figment of my imagination.

I’ll start off with a brief description of my locality. The National Highway passes close to my house, so there are two major halves of the area I live in, one to the either side of it. The market closest to my home lies on the other side of the highway to which I stay.The cars and other vehicles usually go along the highway, so even though you can hear honking noises from well away from it, the streets can be eerily empty at night.

On the night I’m talking about, I had just arrived home from the school farewell ceremony at around 8 pm. In winter season here, it gets dark pretty soon, so around this time it is near completely dark outside. When I arrived home, my mom told me we were going to have my cousins for a sleepover, so I naturally asked her if I could get some drinks and junk food to pass the night with. Now, as I mentioned, I had to cross the highway to get to the market and the area was not as developed as the area I live in. Not a big deal for an 16 year old who just had to ride the cycle for a maximum distance of two kilometers at best and return within half an hour right? Be patient with me for the next part.

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