Unknown Creature Attack

My name is Not Important , But I Am Going To Tell You A Story that I kept with me for a long time …. Years Ago I Lived in Australia , I Had a Job As A Forklift Driver at a Warehouse. Driving there was Annoying Enough It Was Deep In The Country, And Behind The Warehouse Was Nothing But Wilderness For Miles.

One Day I Got In Work Late… And I Mean 3 Hours Late…Or So I Think. After Loading And Unloading Crates I Finally Finished And Caught Up With Work. I Noticed It Was Late Outside And I Can See The Full Moon Shining Thru The Roof Window. After Parking My Forklift, I Went To Take A Piss.

Then I Hear Noise Coming From The Roof. It Sounds Like Foot Steps But Heavier… I Ignored It Thinking It Was Branches Breaking And Falling On The Roof. As I Grabbed My Keys And Was About To Leave. But I Noticed… The Light Where The Moon Was Shining Thru There Was A Black Shadow Moving. I Knew Right Away That Something Is Up There.

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National Forest Monster

For some background information, I really love the Summertime (mostly because I’m able to do a lot more outdoor-related activities comfortably like hiking, outdoor swimming, and especially camping). So when the Summer had arrived in 2005, I was already starting to plan a little overnight camping trip in a national forest a couple towns away from where Iive. It’s also important to mention that I do these types of things solo and that this was my first time going to that specific national forest.

I guess with this trip I was unprepared, because while getting there, I had realized that I forgot to bring a ground cover for my tent (since I didn’t use a tent with a built-in ground ground cover at the time) plus I forgot some other small things. But I was already more than halfway to the national forest, so I said “fuck it” and kept on going anyways since it was just going to be an overnight-er. Things didn’t seem better when there was also a lot of traffic on the highway throwing me couple hours off schedule.

On my way there, I kept on glancing at the sky and looking the sunset, it was already getting dark. After around 20 minutes of driving from the exit, I got to the mountains and there was nothing but trees on either side of the road, so I thought that I was already in the park. I did think to myself for a split moment how it was weird that I never saw any entrance signs for the national forest though, but my main focus was trying to find a good spot, any spot to camp for the night.

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Bear attack

First thing you need to know is that English is not my first language so please forgive me if I’ll make some spelling or grammar mistakes.

I’m a 14 years old boy from Romania, living a small village in the western part of the country.

I usually visit my grandparents there in weekends or holidays. It’s a very nice place, full of nature and nice people. I usually play outside with my cousin, Gabriel (Gaby by his nickname), who is 13.

We always enjoyed riding our bikes all day long through the village or even go in the nearest city sometimes… it was great fun.

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The Beast

This took place about 2 years ago. My cousin and I had gone out on a camping trip in the wood in royal Pennsylvania.

The nearest house to his was about 3 miles up the road.

His house was surrounded by wood. Him and I decided we were going to go about a mile or two into the wood and camp out. Little did we know that this would be the most Creepy experiences of our life’s. My cousin was 18 and I was 16.

My house brought his shotgun Because he said it made him feel safe. I didn’t have a problem with it whatever makes him feel safe. We started our walk through the wood at about 6pm.

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Perceptions of Fear

I’ve always lived in a safe and noisy environment. People are not exactly the definition of friendly, but the place has always been filled with normality. I know it seems that I’m just setting up for this recount but that is just my reality and when something this abnormal and disturbing happened in a regular night in my life, it changed me.

I genuinely believe that is what frightens people, just merely that fact that they cannot guess or comprehend what is occurring in mentally deprived person’s head and the fear of death or injury is just instinctual, something that is programmed into us after birth. It’s the fear of the unknown haunts most people. I make this point as whist this story may not be unforgettably frightening to any reader or listener, the overall personal experience was, well that is where words just fail me.

This occurred some time in mid January in 2017. What triggered the event in question was a simple argument about a simply small topic. However, I was going through an intense stage of depression and anxiety at the time. The nature of the argument with my father wasn’t even important but I do remember that it had something to do with perspectives and opinions on certain topics.

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Always Clean Up Your Mess

Okay to start off my story, I am from Vegas and my family loves to go on an annual camping trip to northen California. We go in the end of April because that is when the campground opens. Usually the whole family goes but since money is tight this year it was just a few of us. Since there was only 2 girls going, me included, I even invited a close friend of mine and brought my dog.

We stayed a few days, with no big events, until the last night. The last night my family started a big campfire and we all drank , ate, and just had a good time. One thing people do while camping is gather up a lot of trash, which of course we did, and we brought garbage bags to dispose of the trash properly. All the previous nights we made sure our camp was clean so no animals would come out, well since we were all drunk and tired we forgot to clean up. Big mistake.

We all went to sleep in our huge tent and dozed off. Until 3 in the morning, when we awoke to sounds of screaming from the distance slowly approaching us. Or at least thats what it sounded like to me. I had never heard these calls before from any animal, I had no idea what it was. My friend who was laying beside me, at the end of the tent which was closest to the screams got up and ran to the other side of the tent. Leaving me. I was scared, but stayed completely quiet. These things came from the meadow about 10 yards from our tent.

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Oscar the Buck

This story takes place a little under eight years ago in the back woods of Wisconsin. I was eight at the time, I was a scrawny girl, no more than 80 pounds at best. Despite my small stature, I was adventurous, forever trying to find something new and interesting. Of course this led me to go with my best friend, who I will call Mae, to go in the 40 or so acres of woods they owned. I was no stranger to forests as my family hunted, leading me to be a huntress. But at the small age of eight, I had yet to pick up a gun, let alone being allowed to carry one around.

The woods that we played in consisted mostly of pine trees, as it was a red pine forest made for logging later on. This led to small sapling trees to sprout up all along the forest floor, creating the perfect cover for pretending to be Warrior Cats, which was our current obsession at the time. Among the small pines, hardy buck-thorn grew, an invasive species that is quite annoying, as it has thorns all within it’s branches. However, what I didn’t know was that these bristly branches very well saved my life.

Mae’s father often hunted these woods, and over the last few years, he’s been in and out of the house for work. Yet, he’s found ample amount of time to hunt, bow-hunt to be more exact. And over these few years, he’s had his eyes on one prize alone. Oscar. This whitetail deer has been the king of these woods, boasting a supposedly prize rack of antlers. Multiple times has Mae’s dad spotted the deer, it always being out of shooting range.

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