Unknown Creature Attack

My name is Not Important , But I Am Going To Tell You A Story that I kept with me for a long time …. Years Ago I Lived in Australia , I Had a Job As A Forklift Driver at a Warehouse. Driving there was Annoying Enough It Was Deep In The Country, And Behind The Warehouse Was Nothing But Wilderness For Miles.

One Day I Got In Work Late… And I Mean 3 Hours Late…Or So I Think. After Loading And Unloading Crates I Finally Finished And Caught Up With Work. I Noticed It Was Late Outside And I Can See The Full Moon Shining Thru The Roof Window. After Parking My Forklift, I Went To Take A Piss.

Then I Hear Noise Coming From The Roof. It Sounds Like Foot Steps But Heavier… I Ignored It Thinking It Was Branches Breaking And Falling On The Roof. As I Grabbed My Keys And Was About To Leave. But I Noticed… The Light Where The Moon Was Shining Thru There Was A Black Shadow Moving. I Knew Right Away That Something Is Up There.

I Begin To Run To The Door And Instantly A Disgusting Smell Filled The Warehouse It Was So Strong Yet So Disgusting. I Was Gaging, I Wanted To Vomit My Co-Worker Jake, Opened The Outside Door And Said “What The Bloody Hell Is That God Awful Smell!” I Said ” Jake You Are Still Here?” Jake Replied ” I Was Just About To Leave Then That Smell, I Thought You Shit Yourself Or Something. ” I Noticed Jake’s Eyes Look Toward The Celling And They Widened, And He Froze

I Said “What Is It Mate?” I Turned Around And I Saw It.. It Was A Massive Figure Staring At Us Down From The Roof’s Window, I Couldn’t See It Clearly All I Can Tell That It Was Big, Hairy, And Had A Disgusting Stench… Still Looking At The Thing I Said Softly “…..Jake…Backup Real Slow And Start The Car….” Jake Was Frozen In Fear, I Had To Yell ” Jake Start The Bloody Fucking Car”

He Snapped Out Of It And We Both Sprinted To His Car, I Left Mine Behind Because It Was Closer To That Thing. My Heart Was Racing I Was Starting To Panic. I Can Hear That Thing Coming Toward US, I Got In The Car With Jake And HE Floored It Down The Road, I Can Hear Loud Foot Steps And Heavy Breathing, I Did Not Wanna Look Back I Knew That Thing Was Keeping Up With Us We Didn’t Stop Until We Made It To The Nearest Town.

The Next Day I Quit My Job, And Moved To Sydney I Knew It Came To The Warehouse Before It’s Not Afraid To Return Again.

National Forest Monster

For some background information, I really love the Summertime (mostly because I’m able to do a lot more outdoor-related activities comfortably like hiking, outdoor swimming, and especially camping). So when the Summer had arrived in 2005, I was already starting to plan a little overnight camping trip in a national forest a couple towns away from where Iive. It’s also important to mention that I do these types of things solo and that this was my first time going to that specific national forest.

I guess with this trip I was unprepared, because while getting there, I had realized that I forgot to bring a ground cover for my tent (since I didn’t use a tent with a built-in ground ground cover at the time) plus I forgot some other small things. But I was already more than halfway to the national forest, so I said “fuck it” and kept on going anyways since it was just going to be an overnight-er. Things didn’t seem better when there was also a lot of traffic on the highway throwing me couple hours off schedule.

On my way there, I kept on glancing at the sky and looking the sunset, it was already getting dark. After around 20 minutes of driving from the exit, I got to the mountains and there was nothing but trees on either side of the road, so I thought that I was already in the park. I did think to myself for a split moment how it was weird that I never saw any entrance signs for the national forest though, but my main focus was trying to find a good spot, any spot to camp for the night.

After around 20 more minutes of driving through pure forest, the road turned to gravel and I thought to myself “this had to be some sort of camping area, right?”. Looking back, I should’ve turned around there, but I was exhausted and a little stubborn by that point, so I was still deadset on finding some spot to camp.

I finally settled on parking near a clearing on a dirt path and set camp up there. When I got out of my truck, things had seemed pretty normal. The only thing that seemed out of place at the time that there were no other sounds except for the crickets and the sound of me setting up camp. No wind, no frogs, owls, not even the howl of a wolf, just the crickets and me. It was already getting late by that point (it was a little past 9) so I had dinner, sat around the campfire for a little bit, and then went into the tent to sleep.

I found myself woken up. I checked my watch, a quarter past 11. I thought I had woken up because my back was stiff due to me sleeping on the bare ground, but my back seemed fine. I came to the conclusion that I just woken myself up randomly and tried to go back to bed. But soon after closing my eyes again, I heard what sounded like a deep, raspy “rrrrRREEEEWWWww” far, but not too far in the distance. That was presumably what had woken me up initially.

I sat up immediately. “Now what in the Hell was that?”, I murmured to myself since this didn’t seem like the howl or growl of any animals I knew about. I went back down in my sleeping bag, desperately thinking to myself a logical explanation as to what made that sound. “Maybe it was an owl being killed by a wolf or something” was what I concluded.

After around 2 minutes of trying to fall back asleep, I was immediately jolted straight awake by that same shrieking sound, right next to the wall of my tent.

In pure shock, I immediately jolted up, bust out the front of my tent and ran straight in the opposite direction of where the thing was, not looking back and also not even catching a catch a glimpse of what it was.

I was running for only a couple seconds when I slipped down a hill (keep in mind that I was barefoot and also in pajamas). I tumbled for a couple seconds and then, once I stopped, I tried to keep as still as possible. “Maybe the thing didn’t see me fall” I thought, I didn’t want to give away where I was.

Then I listened. Nothing. I waited a little longer, still nothing. I peeked over the hill, trying to see as much as my campsite as I could in the pitch darkness. I didn’t see any of it. While, doing this, I also happened to noticed how there were no crickets chirping anymore. Pure silence. I didn’t hear any leaves crunching either which (to me) seemed to be the all clear that I can make a beeline for my tent, grab by pack-bag which had some miscellaneous stuff and my wallet in it, but most importantly my keys.

I knew I had to make this quick, so I tried to get to my car as quick as possible with making the least amount of sound, I cringed every time I stepped on a leaf or twig that cracked to loudly.

I successfully had gotten the bag and started opening it ever so slightly to get my keys. Once I had gotten the keys, I went over to the car, unlocked it, and turned the car on. Once I did this, I started to floor it out of there. I knew I shouldn’t have done what I was going to do next, but I took one look back at the tent.

Crouching down right beside the tent, was the thing. Even in the darkness, I could make out its features. It’s eyes were completely black, body covered with short white hair, and the overall body structure was barely that of a human.

I knew it saw me, because once I saw it, the creature let out the horrific screech that I’m all too familiar with now: “rrrrRREEEEWWWww”.

I punched the gas pedal on my car and never stopped until I got to a hotel a good distance away from that neck of the forest. I must’ve looked like a backwoods insane person or something when I came into the lobby all dirty and in my pajamas, but still got a room and immediately collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.

I actually had a nightmare that night where I was looking at myself in the 3rd person, sleeping in my hotel room and then, the creature appeared at my window slowly and let out that horrific screech. I jolted awake to the sound of nothing but my own heavy breathing and the crickets outside.

Now this next part could’ve just been paranoia, but I think, sitting in the hotel room trying to fall asleep again, I heard that discernible screech off in the distance.

Bear attack

First thing you need to know is that English is not my first language so please forgive me if I’ll make some spelling or grammar mistakes.

I’m a 14 years old boy from Romania, living a small village in the western part of the country.

I usually visit my grandparents there in weekends or holidays. It’s a very nice place, full of nature and nice people. I usually play outside with my cousin, Gabriel (Gaby by his nickname), who is 13.

We always enjoyed riding our bikes all day long through the village or even go in the nearest city sometimes… it was great fun.

Anyways, there is this forest, a little further away from the village where we often for a walk to get away of all things and just relax and play around.We really love that forest, we spent our entire childhood there… we have a lot of memories.

When we were young, we went into the forest with our parents but now we like to go on our own, it’s more fun, to be honest.

To get to the forest, you have to travel a long road which goes through a vast field full of big hills and dense vegetation and at some point of the road, you’ll see a clearing which marks the entrance into the forest.

From there, you’ll be guided by an old dirt path through the entire forest.

But to get to that entrance is not that easy as it may seem. Along the road you’ll pass by 3 sheepfolds protected by big, aggressive dogs which belong to the shepherds, but when the shepherds are not around, the dogs are merciless even to the smallest threat.

When we go on that road, I always take my hunting knife with me which my dad gave me after he came back from the military service. And I always take a lighter and some firecrackers with me to try to scare the dogs away if needed.

Anyways, this day we were ready to go to the forest to spend some time around there, as usual. We passed the first sheepfold with ease and cotinued our journey until the next 2 sheepfolds.

As we expected, there was no shepherd so we were about to turn back. Than I decided to throw a firecracker in that direction, but that only angered the dogs and two of them started chasing us.

We bolted out of there but instead heading to the direction of our home, we continued our way to the forest not looking back.

The dogs were closing in so I took my knife out and hit the dog in the muzzle. I didn’t look back to see how hard I wounded it, but when we didn’t hear any more barks, we stopped in our tracks to draw our breaths. Than we walked near our bikes until we made it to the entrance of the forest.

On one of the trees near that entrance is places a sign which says: ”Danger, bear in the forest”. That sign is older than me and I never saw any bear, or even wolf or deer in that forest, just trees and trees and more trees.

It was a very chill place, only you and the sounds of the nature. We always thought that this sign was there only to scare away the wood thieves or the people who illegally chopped down trees so we didn’t payed that much attention to it, even though my grandma warned me about it several times before and the sheepfolds are known of being attacked by bears of wolves but, as I said, we never saw anything dangerous in that forest so we thought it was just a fairytale.

We left out bikes at the entrance of the forest and cut the dirt math, going straight into the middle of the forest.

My cousin brought a few pieces of cloth which we tied of some sticks to mark our way so that we could find the road with ease.

We spent what felt like hours just walking around and taking photos of the beautiful landscapes surrounding us, and not caring about anything. We harvested some sticks and moss and began to build ourselves a small shelter, just to test our ”survival skills” we thought we have. We had a lot of fun but the sun was beginning to set so we decided to head back to the road.

We were almost there, we could see the road, and when we were about to call it a day, I heard it…

The most horrifying sound which instantly filled us whit an overwhelming feeling. And when we looked back… we saw it… a bear running at us. We couldn’t move. I know you are not suppose to run from a predator but the adrenaline instinctively moved our feet. Luckily, our bikes were still there, nobody stole them.

We bolted out of there, but the bear was still following us. When be approached the 2 sheepfolds, those dogs were still angry and they were coming after us too. We were not fast enough to outrun the beasts so we thought that was the end.

Than, by a miracle, the dogs saw the bear and they realized that the bear is a bigger threat than us so they scared the animal away, giving us enough time ti run away. We were rushing through the field like some madmen and didn’t look back until we made it to the entrance of the village.
There, we were paralyzed.

My heart was beating at an inhuman speed and my skin was pale.

My cousin blacked out on that moment. Luckily we sat down and was supported by a fence. I woke him up and I saw his eyes full of emptiness. I helped him to get up but both of us were still scared out of our minds, even though we made it to the safe ground. I helped my cousin to go home, then, while I was walking to my home, I took the hunting knife out and saw some blood on it. The blood from the dog I hit.

Then I thought what could have happened if I wouldn’t his the dog…. maybe we wouldn’t made it not even to the forest.

Later on when we chilled a bit, we texted each other to talk a little more about this experience and we both agreed not to step foot in that forest ever again.

The Beast

This took place about 2 years ago. My cousin and I had gone out on a camping trip in the wood in royal Pennsylvania.

The nearest house to his was about 3 miles up the road.

His house was surrounded by wood. Him and I decided we were going to go about a mile or two into the wood and camp out. Little did we know that this would be the most Creepy experiences of our life’s. My cousin was 18 and I was 16.

My house brought his shotgun Because he said it made him feel safe. I didn’t have a problem with it whatever makes him feel safe. We started our walk through the wood at about 6pm.

The sun wasn’t quite setting yet.

We found the perfect spot and I started a fire while he set up camp. The sun was starting to set and so we decided to start cooking our dinner which happen to be hotdogs. I was cooking them when I started to notice faint footsteps coming from behind me. I could tell by the way the leafs were crunching that the animal had to have been a pretty large one.

I looked at my cousin with wide eyes. “ what what is it “ he whispered to me.

I put my finger to my lips and pointed behind me. I could tell he heard it to. He gestured for me to move so I slowly moved to the left closer to him. He grabbed his shotgun and loaded it as quickl and quietly as he could.

If you know anything about guns is there anything but quit.

The thing must have heard him and stopped moving about 500 feet away from us.

I could see the outline of it. It was at least 7 feet tall. It looked like it was covered with thick matted hair. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was weird. I didn’t feel fear. I felt like it wasn’t trying to put us in harm but just wanted to pass through.

My cousin lifted up his gun to shot.

I put my hand on the gun telling him to lower it. By the look on his face I could tell he thought that was a bad idea. The thing stood there for about a min and took off to the right of us.

My cousin proceeds to scream at me about me pushing the gun down.

I told him I didn’t feel like it was going to hurt us.

He paused for a moment. I could see his eyes growing. I knew there was so thing behind me. He still had his shotgun in his hand. I quickly laid on the ground so he would have a clear shot at it. He quickly pulled the gun to his shoulder and turned the safety off and fired three shots at the thing hitting it all three time.

I could tell he hit it because I could hear the thing growling as he did. It mad a almost coyote type howl but ten times as loud and took off back into the woods.

My cousin and I decided that we had enough of camping for the time being and we packed up and put the fire out and made our way back to his house. We had flash lights guiding us the way.

I felt like something was following us the whole time.

I could have sworn that I would hear footsteps every couple min but my cousin told me I was just paranoid. I haven’t gone camping since that day.

Perceptions of Fear

I’ve always lived in a safe and noisy environment. People are not exactly the definition of friendly, but the place has always been filled with normality. I know it seems that I’m just setting up for this recount but that is just my reality and when something this abnormal and disturbing happened in a regular night in my life, it changed me.

I genuinely believe that is what frightens people, just merely that fact that they cannot guess or comprehend what is occurring in mentally deprived person’s head and the fear of death or injury is just instinctual, something that is programmed into us after birth. It’s the fear of the unknown haunts most people. I make this point as whist this story may not be unforgettably frightening to any reader or listener, the overall personal experience was, well that is where words just fail me.

This occurred some time in mid January in 2017. What triggered the event in question was a simple argument about a simply small topic. However, I was going through an intense stage of depression and anxiety at the time. The nature of the argument with my father wasn’t even important but I do remember that it had something to do with perspectives and opinions on certain topics.

To take myself away from the situation, in order to just get some quiet time to think, I took a long walk into the night, sometime between 8pm-10pm. I did this often whenever I felt overwhelmed and from my perspective it didn’t matter what time I took the walk, day or night. During this particular walk I strolled down a main street, which was well lit with many cars creating a vacuum of wind traveling in the opposite direction.

As I progressed on my walk I started to get into the shaded streets but no less full of live streets. Convinced that I might walk into a sketchy character or someone that might have had too much to drink, I put up my hoodie to make myself look menacing attempting to ward off these people.

The only noticeable thing that happened during my walk was that I heard loud back beats in a house across the street. I look over and realised it was a party and wished I had more of a social live like they did and not arguing with my legal guardians most of the time. To put into perspective the way I interpreted my feelings that night was a mixture of anger, depression and a hint of concern for my safety, which later became fear.

In visual form I could describe it as my ‘anger’ and ‘depression’ being a steady tree with ‘fear’ being the wind that blew every now and again attempting to uproot or crack my tree of emotion. I know this is a peculiar way to describe it but I believe no emotion is stronger than another and that feeling are a constant changing stream which is based on your thought process at any given time.

As I got further away from the party house and deeper into the darker, more quiet side of town my ‘tree’ of anger and depression was starting to get weaker as I was calming down, allowing the breeze of ‘fear’ to have more of an impact. But I still didn’t want to return as I knew I would get a lecture the second I took a step into the house so I persisted and made my way towards a national park which I thought at the time would be a more pleasant and peaceful experience.

From all my times walking around in that park I visually remembered the layout and reminded myself where the nearest seat was so that I could just sit down and think. At first I was fearful to enter the park, as I was relatively dark and ominous but I convinced myself that I needed the space.

As I walked down the path I could see trees on the left side of my clouding my vision of the preserve within the park and to be honest I was starting to have second thoughts about whether or not I had remembered the area correctly. But as I slopped down a hill I reached an open area of lawn that I instantly recognised. This was only because the area was right next to a tennis court or exercise organisation. The lights from the tennis court bled through the wall, illuminating not only the spacious area but also the tree line on the other side.

I eventually reached the seat I had been planning to sit on but had a change of mind to walk on so that I could waste more time. I didn’t get very far though as I realised going further into the park would mean I would have trouble navigating my way around as it was going to be too dark to see, as I didn’t bring neither a flashlight or my phone. Well, partly that reason, but also my childish fear of the dark. It was at that point that I returned to the bench, sat down closed my eyes and relaxed.

I was probably there for around ten minutes when I heard a subtle, but noticeable sound of rustling leaves behind me. I spun around towards the tree line. Nothing was there that I could see as I could only see the forest with bulge like shadows flooding around the trees. I simply dismissed the sound as a animal as the park was a haven for small creatures. At this point the emotional tree was getting weaker to fear.

Three or four minutes later I turned back to the tree line. It seemed that nothing had changed but as I peered slightly to the left of my position I could see an outline. It took the form of a wolf or dog. Now this would have unnerved most people but the thing was I was use to seeing these outlines in the dark and usually it was just my mind playing tricks on me, in fact that was what the source of my fear of the dark.

So at the time I was frightened but attempted to amuse my self by imagining that it was the hound from an episode of Sherlock (Hounds of Baskerville). The thought was both horrifying and humorous as I visualised a giant steel dog with red eyes coming towards me.

I continued to stare out the outline until it dispersed into the darkness. At this point my anger and depression had worn of and the ‘tree’ was more subjected to fear than ever, but whatever reason, I didn’t leave, I just sat still surveying the forest like a sentry.

After a long pause I hear a faint growling noise coming from the forest. I was shocked but not surprised as I assumed it was a fox. They are often seen in my neighbourhood and prey on small birds. But concerned for my safety, I got up from the bench and started to walk back toward the entrance of the park. That’s when I noticed it.

I had only drifted a few steps from the bench before I could clearly see a faint glowing red light a small distance into the forest. I felt encased in ice as my body started to shiver. The ‘tree’ had become completely overpowered by the wind of fear and had snapped inside me. It was at this point that I stared at the light not sure what to think. I tried to rationalise it, believing it was just a sensor that the park rangers had put up to keep track of the wildlife in the area, or even a park ranger using an infer-red flashlight or something.

It still however made me incredibly uneasy though, not to the point of sickness you understand, but just the feeling of not being sure of what my eyes were telling me, creating a sinking feeling my heart. Let it be said that lack of understanding is the notion that haunts most people accept for those who consider themselves enlightened. I’m not sure how long I stood there for, motionless. This next part though despite how subtle and simplistic it might seem, was burned into my mind.

I peered closer and spotted a second light which moved forward from behind the first light as the first light started to simultaneously move slightly to the right as if they were joined on the same object. Of course they were. Upon seeing this I immediately came to the realisation of what I was witnessing. I felt what only be described at a javelin piercing my heart as a bodily response.

Two eyes were slowly turning to face me. I could make out the eye colour quickly, it was not bloodshot red but more of magenta crystal-like colour with deep black pupils in the centre of each eye, which seemed to be almost hollow. The sight was so disturbing that virtually half way through, whatever that thing was movement, I darted my head to my left. I did not want to make the mistake of making eye contact.

It was at this point that my flight/fight response initiated and I had to think fast. I choose the flight response although I knew that if I started to run it would catch me, since I am relatively unfit. If it was some kind of predator I needed to stay calm and not alert it to that fact that I was aware of its presence. As far as I understood it Carnivores preferred the chase, the adrenaline, and I did not want to give that satisfaction.

I walked back towards the tree-shadowed path quickly but at the same time pretending like nothing had occurred. Once I had gotten to the concrete that connected the path I looked back to the tree line. Yes, I could still see one of the two eyes, glaring at me. Once I believed I had gotten out of sight I started to sprint as quickly as I was able.

The journey felt ten times longer and felt my heart, trying climb out of my throat as I pushed myself to continue running. This is were things got blurry in my memory I either stopped to catch my breath a little ways from the entrance to the park looked back saw nothing and resumed running or ran all the way to the entrance of the park.

What I do remember was feeling relived after I had passed into the street with houses on the other side towering over me. I had trouble breathing as I gasped in short wines of breath. It had not followed me, and I remember thinking that because I was out of its apparent territory and I would be safe. The journey back was uneventful, but paranoia took over my body as I was constantly looking over my shoulder to make certain that what ever it was had given up on me.

Despite my calm appearance at the time, I had completely given way to fear. When I reached my house my mother was extremely worried that I had been away for so long and asked me were I went. I told her I took a stroll all the way down to the park to quiet my mind. She of course made a point about shady characters or people who might be on dugs or drunk. I admitted I was a little concerned but did not reveal any of the events that I recounted in this narrative. If I did I was sure that she would either not believe me, think I was mad or never let me go out for another walk again.

Despite this event my stress reliving walks didn’t cease after that, although at least for a few months I remained at home during the night, and I have never gone back to that park during that time. Ever since I become more and more paranoid, checking under my bed and in closet or being attuned to random sounds when I’m alone in the house. I’m not sure of wether it’s my increase of listening to other people’s true horror stories or just the after shock of that one personal experience.

I’m not even sure if what I experience did actually happen, as a few members of my family, including myself, have been showing behavioural patterns consistent with the symptoms of schizophrenia. Before and after this incident I sometimes hear my mother’s voice, calling out my name, even though I knew I was alone in the house.

Of course that’s just speculation, and it’s unlikely to be true. What I am completely and utterly convinced about, is that illusion or reality, I saw the unexplainable that night, which drenched me in fear and nothing else.

Just as a quick note, I’m normally extremely reserved on the Internet. So this is an unusual thing for me to do. But because this event is permanently burned into my memory I have to share it with someone, even if just one person reads it, I will feel some closure. That’s all I need.