Hogs hogs hogs

It was 2015 in December in Texas I was 12 at the time. Me and my family were at our lease having fun talking and generally having a good time.

Me and my nephews went in to the woods to our camp to escape having to do chores. We stayed there till nightfall and by that time it was just me and my second oldest nephew Levi. We were storing everything away and gathering all the tools.

Once we got done with putting everything up we got the tools that could rust  and left. When we got the the opening we heard a hog two feet to our left and it sounded huge and angry.

Right when we heard it we threw all the tools at it and ran as fast a we possibly could to the camp. While running we were flashing our flashlights at it and I swear I heard it right on us up until we got to the light. Ever since then i’ve watched  Where i’m going and found a new bound hate for hogs.

The Pool Side Horror


Hello I fell that I must admit that I am not the best writer nor am I good at explaining myself to others through words but most of the time I can write down my thoughts and be understood.

Now I only post this because of the recent post of “Scary life guard stories” on his YouTube channel which I’ll add a link to here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV5SfomIjU8 now one of those stories is extremely similar to the one I am about to post and no I’m not copying it in anyway this really happened to myself and those involved.

Now as you have already been bored with this intro let me give a little backstory and get this started.


I am a 20 year old male now just a little over 6ft weighing about 300lbs I’m not overly out of shape but I’m no bodybuilder either, kind of In-between fat and fit. now with my added weight I am a little stronger than the average guy out there and with a bit martial arts training I can handle myself well enough where almost nothing scares me. My Family really enjoys camping during the summer so we go up north on fishing trips this particular lake we were going to was in Elk lake Ontario.


The experience (story)

My family and I were going to Elk Lake for our fishing trip vacation, as well  as our family reunion which was being held on a family owned farm where everyone but us were parking our trailers at. My mother is a bit of a pampered camper so we had to have running water, electricity and a pluming system. we went up 1 week before the reunion to enjoy the camp ground and would eventually have to park up on the farm as well. but only for 3 days, I wont go into detail about the reunion because nothing happened up there. it was boring honestly. As you probably guessed by the title this happened by the pool. I cant remember the name of the camp ground it was in but it had a medium size pool fenced in and no life guard on duty ever so it was a swim at your own risk kind of deal. but I am a decent swimmer and didn’t get bothered by that. this particular pool was right beside the forest so wild animals were a common occurrence. nothing incredibly dangerous usually deer early morning a few birds a fox and raccoons. all would be gone by late morning and return late evening usually after it was long since closed at 9pm. no wolves or bears or anything as dangerous as those ever got close. now when we first arrived we were told by a ranger that a families dog had gone missing a 6 year old golden retriever. we had a 10 year old dog of the same breed in the truck with us, might be why he said anything. we thanked the man and went on our way. now fast forward 3 days and I, my younger sister and younger cousins were at the pool for the day and it wasn’t overly crowded but still had a good 20 people or so in the area at one time. everything was normal kids splashing and doing regular kid things and adults relaxing on those long chairs reading, sleeping or watching the kids. I was watching the youngers of the trio who ill call B for the remainder of this story B did know how to swim but hasn’t had much time to put that skill in practice so the other 2 ditched him and I stayed with him playing these little kid games with his new friends but always staying within arms reach of him. being much older than these kids I was able to get away much quicker than the others all the while spinning around to stay with B. as the game was wrapping up a high pitched scream echoed from the showers beside the pool and a attractive girl around my age ran out from behind the corner and to what I though was her little brother around the age of 3-4 and held him close I then noticed her leg which had a huge bite mark in it. she and her brother were just crying in the spot as my sister and cousin ran up to me. Then a Golden Retriever came running around on the other side of the fence and the girl started screaming more than before. As it paced the fence everyone soon ended up on the far side from it except for the first victim and her little brother. who were still crying hysterically now. the dog then bashed the fence hard enough for it to bend in enough for it to jump over  now it was close enough to see the blood around its eye and mouth. I’m guessing now that the girl hit it hard enough for it to let go and got away. and at that time when it touched the ground it stared everyone over then back to the girl, I yelled GET OUT! at the dog but it didn’t budge but everyone else did they ran leaving those 2 alone with the dog I yelled to my sister to take B and go to our dad who in my mind was the only other person who could go toe to toe with a rabid dog. I on the other hand for a reason I still don’t fully understand myself decided to fight this dog to protect the girl and kid. my best guess as to why was because I had a lot of testosterone and adrenaline at the time. well I knew that I could always over power my dog who was no push over either he was always getting into dog fights with my dad when they went on walks and when he stopped taking him on walks for some reason he stopped fighting with other dogs I don’t know why so don’t ask. anyway as this dog lunged at me I redirected the head away from me and sent him strait to the ground head first which didn’t fraise him at all. this time I kicked it under the belly but to the side, trying to send him off his feet but he turned around and went to bite my leg which seemed to piss me off as I threw it on the ground stuck it in the jaw a few times next I know is I’m thrown off and he scurries to his feet as I do.  at this time I had to make the choice to no longer trying to make it run away but to kill it. Now understand that I grew up in the bush and I know the difference between a rabid animal and one that’s hunting and this dog for what ever reason was hunting. I’m not sure if it decided to hunt me instead or if it thought I was taking its prey for myself either way it wouldn’t back down no matter how many times I hurt it. not to mention it managed to bite my leg now it didn’t get a good grip but it did manage to scratch me with its teeth. wasn’t strong enough or far enough to puncture me deep what I’m saying is that I barely got away fast enough. to try and rap this up faster during the struggle I managed to get it into the water on the shallow side which was 4ft I had no difficulty in it but the dog ended up under the water for an extended period of time. my dad pulled me out of the water while I still had the dog in a choke hold. according to him I was just standing still in the water crying with the dog dead and still in a strangle hold. he some how calmed the girl down treated her leg and left my uncle to walk her home after that he pulled me out and he again somehow calmed me down. after a few days passed everyone at that camp ground knew what happened and thankfully no one talked about it. the dogs owners left the same night after it happened they just left the camper and everything else behind and left in the night. the girl who was attacked happened to be my age and has a bad history with dogs which explained her behavior that day. she thanked me a 1000 times at least. what scares me the most about this is that dog targeted her while she was alone. she who has a phobia of dogs already. was able to practically knock down a chain-link fence and again targeted the girl who is my age while there were a lot of younger kids in the area. this wasn’t an attack of a rabid dog, it was to intelligent for that, no I full hearted believe that dog was hunting, and chose her because of her fear of dogs. and what about his owners why did they just leave everything behind and go? was that all just a part of a scheme they planned up or am I just over thinking it. and if I forgot to mention this That dog was a Golden Retriever