Hogs hogs hogs

It was 2015 in December in Texas I was 12 at the time. Me and my family were at our lease having fun talking and generally having a good time.

Me and my nephews went in to the woods to our camp to escape having to do chores. We stayed there till nightfall and by that time it was just me and my second oldest nephew Levi. We were storing everything away and gathering all the tools.

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The Pool Side Horror


Hello I fell that I must admit that I am not the best writer nor am I good at explaining myself to others through words but most of the time I can write down my thoughts and be understood.

Now I only post this because of the recent post of “Scary life guard stories” on his YouTube channel which I’ll add a link to hereĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eV5SfomIjU8 now one of those stories is extremely similar to the one I am about to post and no I’m not copying it in anyway this really happened to myself and those involved.

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