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Beast of the Swamp

Hello, I’m an 18 year old from Louisiana and the story I am typing out still sends shivers down my spine every time I think of it.  Me and one of my good friends who lets just call James, decided to go camping on a little piece of the bayou that hadn’t been explored in quite some time, 30 or 40 years maybe.

But anyway, we had gotten to a parking spot which was a decent bit away from the main road, I had been driving at the time because I had just recently gotten my permit to drive and I was the happiest guy in the world. But anyway, we had to walk about 3 miles to the little spot we had planned to set everything up, I am a bigger guy, only 5’9 maybe 238 pounds, but I can hold my own and have a decent bit of stamina so it didn’t bother me to much.

The Thing in The Woods

For a little insight  I am currently a 20 year old male and this happened back when I was 14 years old. To be completely honest I always believed that some things are out there that we can simply just not explain.

This all happened on a nice summer day in Florida, I was going over my friend Chris’s house to spend the day with him. In his backyard he has a little patch of woods about 30 yards or so away from his back door which so happened to be a sliding glass door. I walked through that door ever since his family started piling things near the front door  for some reason. As I walked in I saw Chris playing video games in the living room as usual. I said “hey Chris where’s your parents?” his response was “At work” but something didn’t sound right in his voice. He was usually the happy go lucky type of guy. I asked what was wrong and what he said caught me off guard. He said “something is living in those woods that isn’t normal.” You can imagine what it is like hearing that as a 14 year old. Not the best thing that could of been said.

Werewolf Sighting

Okay, so here is my story. My parents said that I couldn’t say it to anyone, so I want to stay anonymous. I live in the Netherlands, in an outlying area. Only with big landscapes and farms. It was close to midnight and I had to drive home. I was under 18 so I still had my bike.

My parents couldn’t come to pick me up so I wanted to take a short cut through the forest. It was a really creepy path. My mom told me to never go there without my phone because many accidents happened there. So when I was going home I got a creepy vibe. Something wasn’t right and my body wanted to turn around and take the other way. It was a full moon and it was beautiful.

UK Dogman Encounter

First of all can I just say how much I love your channel and how much it has helped me come to terms with what I saw, it really helps to know that so many other people see these strange creatures and that I am not crazy.

A little background about myself before I get into my story, my name is Damon-Aston de’ Medici, I am a 23 Year old guy and from the West Midlands of England in the UK. Now, I don’t live far from a place called Cannock Chase, which is where my encounter took place.


It was a warm summer evening in mid July. I had just turned sixteen and gotten my  drivers license. We lived in the country and I loved going for drives through the woods. I thought it was relaxing, the silence, the solitude and the country music playing on the radio was all just a perfect way to spend an evening, in my opinion.

It had been a long day and so I decided to go for one of my drives. As I drove down an almost deserted road I noticed a disgusting smell, like wet dog but ten times worse. I figured it was just a dead raccoon on the side of the road or something, so I kept on my way. I came to a point where I decided to turn around and head back home to get some dinner and a cold coke. As I stopped to make a U turn I realized that disgusting smell was much stronger now than it was before and getting even stronger. So I figured I’d just floor it home to get away from the smell. But as I finished my U turn and started back I saw something odd.

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