Werewolf At my window

I was 11 At the time and lived in a small cabin By a stretch of Woods.

My cousins wanted to play some hide and seek tag in the woods and my house was right at the base of the Woods.My mom and dad had Left for the night so we were home alone.We all went out to lay hid and seek tag when it happened.My youngest cousin you can call him Mike Was the one seeking.

We went too hide and he started counting.About an hour had past and it was dead silent so we decided to head home.

While walking home heard loud blood curling howl so we started to run home.Home was about 30 yards away. About a couple minutes into walking We started hearing footsteps behind us. it sounded like something heavy.We were about 20 yards away now and e footsteps got closer and closer.then we started running like Hell to get home but somehow it kept up.

We arrived at the house and Slammed the door behind us.but my older cousin You could call Her Anne wasn’t in the house she was still out there with that thing.I was starting to tear up when she came running in he door and locked it behind her.

She was crying Really hard Now.I asked her what was wrong but she said nothing she had a terrified Expression on her Face.

My younger cousin had said ” Look at the window somethings there” i looked out the window and i seen Blood Red eyes peering through the window It seemed as it bending down.We ran upstairs and into my room.We locked the doors behind us.we started hearing footsteps around the house.”Thump Thump Thump”

We all Started Crying Now.

I looked out the window and seen it Staring at me I could Barely Make out the Details of it But it had long black fur from the Chest up.long rows of Bloody Teeth and It had the face of a man covered in black fur,With the Snout of a wolf.

We immediately ran to the kitchen and called the cops.An hour pasted and Headlights Parked in the driveway.

The think Immediately Ran into the woods.but it ran faster than i ever seen before.We had told the cops What we saw but they didn’t believe us.From Now on i will Never go to the woods Alone at night.

Piggly Wiggly monster (revised)

  It has taken a long time to finally identify what exactly that creature was that charged me all those years ago in that small park in southern Indiana.  You see, it happened  back in the dark ages; in the summer of 1993. The internet was unheard of. Home computers were very rare,  phones were still for houses, and U.B. 40 was tearing up the air waves with their rendention of Elvis Presley’s classic, “I can’t help falling in love with you.”
I was sixteen that summer. It was one of those summers I’ll never forget. A lot happened to me that summe.   From riding around in a stolen car, moving away from all my friends, and even learning how to play chess. It was a summer to remember for sure.

Still, though after all these years the one event that stands out over all the rest was the night I came face to face with Piggly Wiggly. I am 41 now and that sighting has changed the way I see the world and nature but especially the way I think of the supernatural world.

I didn’t know much about Cryptids at that time, like I said, no internet. I had of course heard of Big Foot and thought it was a myth or perhaps a case of mistaken identity. I had seen werewolf movies but at that time thought they were nothing more then folklore. Made up to scare people in the days of the Salem witch hunts or to keep children close to their homes at night. I don’t believe like that anymore. I can’t, I’ve been forever changed by what I encountered that summer night.

I was never much of a stoner. Pot always had effects on me that I deemed, less then enjoyable. First it always made me very, very paranoid, second it made me very hungry,  and lastly very sleepy. Despite never really enjoying it, I would partake from time to time with friends in the spirit of going along to get along. Such was the case the first time Piggly Wiggly ever entered my reality.

Jeremy was new to the apartment complex, but he and I hit it off right away. He also got along with my very best friend, Charlie. Jeremy had a very troubled home life and his mother was a very avid pot smoker. Thus, he had access to it pretty much at will.

One day he invited Charlie and me to go with him to the “woods” behind the apartments to smoke a little. I say woods in quotes as they are not really what I think of when I think of the woods. Not the kind of area you would expect to experience nature or anything like that. It was just a bunch of trees for maybe two or three football fields in length and as wide as two or three football fields as well. It had basically one trail that led from the apartments to a little park where we use to go to play basketball. Apart from that it had a creek bed that ran adjacent the trail on the south side with maybe another 50 to 100 yards of woods on the far side of the creek and then it was houses. Lots of houses. So like I said, not a place you expect to encounter nature. I had lived with my dad in West Virgina for several years and I had hiked up in real woods and encountered real nature.  We had even came face to face with a bear once on an afternoon hike in a West Virginia state park. At that time I doubted if these little woods even had deer. I had seen squirrels but that was all I figured lived in that tiny section of “woods.”

One important thing to note however is that on the north side of the woods and park was a fenced in rock quarry. Anyone who has ever studied deep underground military bases or D.U.M.Bs might find this fact interesting.  I don’t know if this quarry was linked to any of the supposed underground secret bases but it is an interesting aside.

So as I was saying, the three of us walked back into the woods to find a safe place to smoke. We got far enough off the trail where we felt secure and actually came all the way to the creek. We decided that this was secluded enough to smoke a little. We took turns hitting the joint and as one would smoke the other two would kind of face away from the creek just watching towards the trail to make sure no one was heading our way. I had hit it 2 or 3 times already and felt that first wave of paranoia start to creep in.  I was thinking I hope the F.B.I aren’t out here on patrol.  Now, I know the thought of F.B.I agents in the tiny wooded section of a local neighborhood park is absurd, but remember pot always made me stupid paranoid. The thought was still in my head when I heard it. From the other side of the creek I heard foot steps running as if in a mad dash, running down the creek bed hill splashing through the shallow water. I knew all that was left for the runner to do was to come up the creek bed hill on our side of the creek. Exactly where Charlie was standing, and smoking.
Jeremy an I were facing the other way but we both heard the splashing water and I think most of Southern Indiana must have heard Charlie scream “RUN”.

We darted off through the woods and back toward the trail. I had this visual  image in my head, as I darted off, of two men with blue wind breakers and ball caps with the letters F.B.I on them, hot on our trail. I ran even faster not sure exactly where Charlie and Jeremy were in relation to me. I could hear them but I was running so hard my eyes had started to tear up and mixed with the buzz from the THC it was as if I were running through a tunnel and everything in my peripheral vision was darkened. I just kept listening for my friends foot steps and adjusting my direction towards them. As I was running I ran right through a giant spider web. The park was full of spider webs that year. They were huge, perfectly circular and made by these large black and yellow spiders. They were creepy and I hate spiders.

I realized I now had a thick web all over my head and stuck to my face while running full speed through the woods.  If that wasn’t bad enough, it got even worse! As I was wiping the web off my face and out of my hair one of those ugly spiders came dangling from my head and was swinging right in front of my face! I never touch bugs, especially spiders. I hate bugs with a passion.  Still,  without thinking about it I swatted this ugly mother away from me before the momentum would allow him to swing right back in my face.

About 90 seconds after the initial call to run all three of us made it out of the woods past the park and into the neighborhood. Charlie had made it first and I was last. I saw Charlie slow down and begin to walk and since he was the one who knew what was going on I figured it was safe to stop running too. I looked at my friend and asked with sincerity “Was it the F.B.I?”

“What? No” Charlie hesitantly said “it was a monster.” I laughed right away. Oh my goodness here I thought I was being chased by authorities and it was my best friend’s imagination. His face was pale he was shaking and although I knew he was not joking, I couldn’t help myself from teasing him.

“Yeah right like a Piggly Wiggly monster?” I don’t know why I said that. I had seen a Piggly Wiggly grocery store once or twice in my lifetime but why that came out of my mouth, I’ll never know, still the name stuck and all these years later the creature is still called that by my old friends and me.

I could tell Charlie didn’t want to talk about it. But I couldn’t let it go. We took the long way back to my apartment. Navigating through the neighborhood streets and staying away from the woods. The whole way back I kept pressing him to talk to me. He was very reluctant to speak.  I was never known to go easy on my friends when they said or did something foolish so I could understand why he didn’t want to open up,  he knew I didn’t believe him already and I had teased him when he first said it was a monster. His mannerisms and strange behavior made me think it was more than just that though.  It seemed almost as if he was hiding something from me. Charlie and I didn’t hide anything from each other in those days. We were closer then brothers we knew everything about one another, or so I thought…

When we got back to my place Charlie said there was something he wanted to tell us. He said it’s something he was swore to secrecy about and that’s why he had never told me. By this time my buzz was gone and if the chase didn’t sober me up, then this completely surprising revelation that Charlie had a secret that he had never shared with me, was plenty enough to do the trick.

The next part of this story is what happened to Charlie about 3 years prior to that day. He says he was camping with some friends in those woods very near to that park.  If I remember correctly there were about 6 of them in the tent that night. Two of the boys were brothers that I met when I first moved into the apartments but they moved very shortly after I moved in. Besides the brothers and Charlie I don’t remember who else he said was there that night.  It was dark and the boys were in their tent telling stories and just doing what teenage campers do.

He said they kept hearing a rustling sound  maybe 30 to 60 feet away in some taller brush. They tried to ignore it  at first but it wouldn’t stop. A couple of the boys decided to take some flash lights and check it out. Two of the boys walked out to the brush where the sound was coming from and shined their lights at the thing moving around. In horror they both turned towards the tent where the other campers were watching with their heads sticking out of the zipper, and yelled “RUN!”

At that point he said a monster came charging at the boys. He headed straight towards the tent and it was a mad scramble as the boys tried to get out of the tent and away from the beast. They left the tent all their gear, obviously. They all made it out safely and retreated to the apartment of the two brothers where they all stayed the rest of the night.  They told their dad who happened to be  a police officer.  He took their story serious enough that he took another officer with him the next day and searched those woods.

From what Charlie told me, he said brothers told him, that their dad searched the woods and found what appeared to be a homeless man sleeping near a creek bed near the quarry. This would have to have been a different creek then the one we were at that day as that creek and the quarry were on opposite sides of the trail. I am guessing this is beyond the no trespassing fence line that belongs to the quarry.  The sleeping man woke up and saw the officers and ran. That’s all he was told happened that day. But after that the boy’s dad called all the boys and warned them to never speak of this to anyone, ever again. Then the dad took the boys and moved away. This I can confirm. The family did move away suddenly.
I sat there taking all this in. Charlie was not lying.  He may have been completely  wrong about what happened and I was pretty sure he was, but what he was saying he sincerely believed happened to him.
I didn’t believe there was a monster living in those shallow woods. Not for a second,  but still the thought of it being true excited me. I had to know, I had to find out for myself. I decided we had to go and find out. Jeremy was more skeptical than I was; but he was all for a monster hunt as well. Charlie was very, very much against it. It took a lot for me to convince him. I used the old reverse psychology trick saying “no one will believe you unless we see it for ourselves.” Eventually, something I said finally got through to him and he agreed to go with us.

I came up with a plan to find Piggly Wiggly. I would take some steaks out of my freezer and tie them to a tree about 3/4 of the way to the park along the trail. Then we would take some flash lights after dark and walk along the trail until we arrived at the park and see if this thing was real or not. We would stop along the way and see if the steaks were still hanging in the tree or perhaps catch the supposed beast in the act of eating.

We went and enlisted two other friends of ours to join the search party. I told them my plan and took one with me to verify that I set up the bait. I didn’t want to be accused of rigging the outcome.  We walked about 3/4 the way to the park and then I found a tree that would be easy to spot at night and climbed up about 10 feet from the ground. I didn’t want it to be low enough that a dog could get to it. I tied it up an we walked back.  I have to say I was growing very excited for that adventure. I spent the rest of the day telling other friends what we were doing and trying to get them to come along. In the end though only the original 5 said yes.

That night when it got dark we met at my house.  We had only two flash lights and Charlie brought a small bat. I went over the plans again. I told them we would walk the whole trail to the park and on the way check on our bait.

We started towards the woods we could just barely see the the trail when one of the boys who agreed to come Piggly Wiggly hunting with us got cold feet and said “I have to go home and take a dump.” Of course I used this to tease him of being a scaredy cat. Honestly, I couldn’t understand how anyone would want to miss out on this fun!

So now we were four. As we  approached the edge of the woods I was surprised by how timid Jeremy had become. He believed in this story less then any of us yet I could sense a little fear from oozing from him.   I wasn’t afraid at all and decided to take the lead position. Besides, I hung the steaks and would know when we got to the tree.

It was dark on that trail. The tree tops covered any light the moon would have supplied.  It still seemed fun to me as we began down the trail towards the park. I knew everyone behind me was a little scared but honestly I don’t think I was, not yet anyways.  I had spent so much time in much deeper woods often by myself and this to me was not really the woods at all. Besides, nothing could live in this tiny wooded area.  However, out of respect for Charlie, who I knew didn’t want to be there, I decided to not clown around and try to scare the others.

We were only about a quarter of the way to the park when the sounds started.  It sounded like it came from the  direction we were heading to. I swear it sounded like someone or something was breaking sticks. “Snap, snap” and then nothing for a few minutes then “snap crackle snap”. I had to admit that was weird. But in my mind only a human would be doing that, why would a Piggly Wiggly monster be breaking sticks? Then again why would a person be at the park at night breaking sticks? It made no sense either way I thought about it.

As we progressed the sound was louder and louder as we got closer to the park and I did start to get that creepy feeling in my stomach. Because the others too were getting creeped out by the sounds as well, a mutiny was beginning. The other guys were talking about going back. I kept trying to press them by “saying just a little further to the tree guys. We have to see if the steaks are still up there.” I used all the power of persuasion I had acquired over my 16 years on earth. I didn’t want to turn back yet, and by now I wasa little to creeped out to go the rest of the way by myself.

After what seemed like it took 3 times the normal amount of time, we arrived at the tree. I took a flash light and began to search for my steaks. By this time the cracking of sticks had stopped and it was very quiet all around us. I waved my light to and fro and back and forth.  Nothing! They were gone! Admittedly, now I was very creeped out. What in these woods could climb a tree? What in these woods would even eat steak? I felt fear begin to grow in my bossom. I did not want to let it show though. I said “Let’s get out of here” in the most calm voice I could muster at that moment.  I was the leader and I decided we were closer to the park then the apartments.  The park had lights on the far end and houses just past it. I wanted badly to be in that neighborhood by this time. Besides, we had not heard the breaking stick sounds from the park for several minutes. I didn’t run. I didn’t want to spook the others but I did pick up the pace tremendously and no one complained about that. The fourth kid to join was whimpering a little the rest of the way, which actually kind of made me more afraid. I kept thinking what have I got us into?

Then we came to the end of the trail and out of the woods. I was relieved.  Not to far off was the street light and all the houses.  We kept on walking right through the park and that’s when I saw it. Piggly Wiggly. Standing just outside the moon light in the shadows of a park picnic shelter. It was far enough away that I couldn’t get a great bit of detail but close enough to know it wasn’t quite  human. It was standing on two legs a little hunched over. Hairy with long strong arms and maybe 6feet tall when erect.

At first I thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me. It’s hard to describe what you think when your natural mind comes into contact with the supernatural. It’s confusing and overwhelming and very real and yet unbelievable all at once. It feels very similar to being in a dream.

The boy behind me who had been whimpering had stopped walking as well.  I could tell he too was seeing what I was seeing. Charlie had now spotted the figure as well. All this seemed like minutes but was acutally only seconds. The creature was definetly starring at us. Then he stood up and now seeing it shift it’s position, I knew it was not my imagination anymore. We took off and sprinted to the house line just outside the park. We were gasping in unbelief. When we stopped we were talking over one another about what we just saw. Charlie never told us what it looked like.  What the “heck was that thing” we asked each other? A monkey or bigfoot a werewolf?  We were all teared up and in shock,  well all of us except Jeremy that is. You see, he was the last in our single file line and by the time he reached the end of the woods where we had all stopped to see Piggly Wiggly the three of us took off running before he had seen the thing. Not wanting to be left behind he too began to run without knowing why.

Great, I thought to myself, without Jeremy, the most skeptical of all of us, to collaborate our story we might as well not even of come on this search party. The whole thing would be fruitless. I decided the only way for him to believe us was for me to show him the creature. The other two boys refused to take one step closer to the park. They were much wiser than I was.  I walked back about 200 feet or so with Jeremy. I stayed within the light of the street lamp that lit up the drive way of the park. I felt for some reason that being in the light we were safe. I have no idea why I thought that. We could see the picnic shelters fine from there but I didn’t see the monster at all. He was gone.  I was bummed that the monster was no longer standing where he was before. I thought great now he is going to think we are all crazy just like I thought about Charlie all day. Serves me right I guess. I sighed very heavily in defeat and said to him “he was right over there man, I swear.” I pointed to the dark shelter. But as I turned to where Jeremy had been standing,  I noticed I was alone. Jeremy was gone. I thought to myself, huh, what is that all about? As I straightened my head back to it’s natural position, I saw Piggly Wiggly charging at me full speed.  He was already within the light of the street lamp and I now had a perfect view of this freak from less then 20 feet away. It had a long muzzle like a wolf, it was covered in brown fur with some greys mixed in. Around it’s head was even longer hair almost like a lion’s mane. It was very muscular and when it ran it would touch it’s ape like arms on the ground for stability.  It’s face was canine. Not quite like a wolf, but definetly a dog. I took all this in as I breathed in a very tight and shallow breath. My mind was processing information at a rapid pace as fight or flight kicked in. I sure as hell had no intention on fighting!

I turned and ran faster then I ever had or ever have since. I even passed Jeremy, who had spotted the beast before me and failed to say anything to me before fleeing. Some may think this was a turdheaded move as I did at the time as well. Later, he would admit he tried to yell but in fear nothing came out. He had seen the thing as it approached us just before it came to the light. He didn’t get great detail but he saw enough to satisfy his skeptical mind. He knew he was looking at a bipedal dog creature.  He would later describe it as a dog bear looking thing that ran like an ape.

We made it back home safely.  I took my dog to the park the next day. She was going crazy. I let her go and she kept barking at a tree that had fallen. I inspected the tree and noticed a bunch of broken sticks beside it. I immediately thought of the sounds from the night before and then I noticed something else inside a hollow of the tree. Bones, lots of small animal bones. I don’t know if they were local dogs or squirrels. I don’t know and I didn’t bother to find out. I never hunted Piggly Wiggly again after that.

Thanks to the internet and the collective hive mindset, I am fairly certain what almost caught me all the years ago was a Dogman. Probably of the type 3 variation. It wasn’t a bear or a lion. It wasn’t a saquatch. It wasn’t an ape or a werewolf. It had characteristics of all these but it was very much canine.  It was a Dogman.

I like to camp and hike in the woods but I never go alone. More then that, I never, ever, ever go into the woods after dark. You never know what is watching you.


Creature shot by my grandfather

Hello, first of all I’m sorry In advance for any spelling errors and gramer and punctuation marks, and over all mistakes. I really hope I can one day hear this story on your channel, not to seek attention or anything of that sort with that said thank you and feel free to do what you want with this story you can cut or delete any line add or take away phrases. you have my full authority And consent to do as you wish, this story will have 2 points of view mine writeing it and my my grandfather telling it again thank you and like always darkness prevails.

Ok The reason behind this story is to share what my grandfather Refugio Vera encountered and fought, In the mountain’s of Guanajuato Mexico. Because I feel a duty in me now that he has passed away to tell all of you what my old man told all of his kids and grand kids. He wasn’t a drunk or a crazy man I’ll from the mind, but in the contrary a respected hardworking well known man that worked from Sun rise to sun down. That is why when he told my family his friends and me what he saw, nobody had a single sense of doubt that he was liying in any way or making stuff up. He and my grandmother lived in the mountains of guanajuato by themselves, they were very poor Because they lived only of the land and animals they had and animals he hunted for food and fruit and vegetables grown by them around the house hold.

A brief description of my grandfather was a 6.2″ feet tall man that didn’t weight much but still intimidateing always had a cowboy hat on, always on his horse with a machete by his side a 30.30 rifle and a 45. Caliber handgun tucked on his waist and always his German shepherd named comandante wich means commander along side him, a very loyal and brave dog with scars that he got from fending off coyote and other animals. You need dogs like this and guns when you live in the middle of no where, with packs of wild hungry coyotes, mountain lions, Bob cats and other wild life. And a description of my grandfather’s ranch was, a lonely house up in the mountains miles and hours from the nearest road to civilization and other towns. He only had one neightbor named Antonio Bonilla who lived 5 miles down the mountain from him, besides that they were alone. Now on to the encounter, these are the word of my grandfather shared by me to you. It must have been someday between the week Wednesday or Thursday. Everything was normal that day nothing out of the ordinary. As he was puting away the cows and horses to the home made stable that consisted of just a plain square made out wood and rocks with a long dead log across for a door they always were tide up in a pasture were they ate all day long. It was dark out by the time he was done with all his normal chores. As he was getting ready for bed he heard his dog and two others he had starting to bark and growl. He didn’t care much he said at the time he tought they were just barking at coyotes. It wasn’t till later that night that my Grandmother woke him up and told him that the horse was going nuts and the dogs were fighting with something at the time they thought a mountain lion, but all of the suden they stoped making noise, Not a single bark or growl, My grandfather listem for a little bit thinking the dogs fended of what ever tryed to have an easy meal and out of nowhere the horse started making awful noises like he was getting killed and He knew it. With out any second tought my grandfather jumped out of bed and grabed his 45 Caliber handgun and went outside. It was getting light must have been almost 4 close to morning he said. He walked around the house to the stable, and He said he froze in fear and terror when he saw what was trying to kill his horse. All that came to him was just fear and disbelief from what he was witnessing. When all of the sudden the horse started to cry again if that makes any sense and it brought my grandfather back to reality, without warning he fired and hit it, it must have been 15 yards away he aimed again for the body hitting it at least 3 times he fired all 8 bullets the other 5 he shot randomly as the creature ran. He said As soon as he hit it the first time,he saw it release the horse’s neck by opening its mouth and the claws came of the horses shoulders. As best as I can discrive it he said, it was bigger than a dog, way bigger, easy 4 feet tall in all four, thin but yet you could see it was so powerful the way it fought the horse it controlled it with ease, and the head was big almost like the horse head, with a long mouth not a lot of teeth but the few that it had were long and big not thin but like a cone he said. The back legs where bigger than the front ones but the front ones had longer claws. It looked light grey under the moon. It made a wierd noise my grandfather says he can’t describe almost like a cry with a painful howl like when a dog is being chocked by the throat, as it darted thru the trees stumbling and braking branches, he never heard it cross the stream that ran along side the house, the only explanation he could give was that the thing cleared over the 35 something foot wide stream without splashing or touching the water. He tought that the thing had killed his dogs when he turned to go inside all shaken up from what just had happen the dogs came out of the pig den, they had been hiding like if they knew they couldn’t win that fight, like them knowing not fighting was the only way they could survive. My grandfather said one of the dogs had been severely hurt in the back leg with flesh hanging down it’s side and bottom of his stomach. he went and got my grandmother and told her to help him out with the dogs, that they were hurt. The next morning only 2 dogs remained the one with the gashes on him didn’t make it, as well as his horse that died 2 days later. He went in that night thinking it was the devil he had encountered, but realized he was wrong , he told me if I had shot the devil he wouldn’t of a ran he wouldn’t of a cried out in pain that was something else that night he said, something I never imagined I would see or existed. I don’t blame the dogs for hiding ether they were more brave than me he said fighting it physically, they bare the scars of that night and i only have the memory of what i saw and shot, I’m lucky I scared it off and not pissed it off to come charging toward me. I wish I had grabed my 3030 instead that night, and aimed for that big head he smurked, but things happen for a reason mijo, he told me. Maybe one day I’ll see it again this time I will aim for the head and not with a handgun not a chance. He and his neighbor searched for 4 days trying to track it down or find it dead somewhere but they always came out empty handed. Only thing they saw was a dead deer that was killed recently, he said the horses were acting strange and they felt they were being wached, He wasn’t a liar and he wasnt crazy I might not have seen it or will see it but I bealive in my grandfather and everything he said. When I looked in his eyes as he told me all of this, I saw concern and fear in him. As well as the other two dogs that still had the scars to prove something crazy and supernatural happen that’s night, and my grandmother to back him up as well. One day his neighbor told him he had heard somebody talking about a man who claims he encountered something similar. It goes that, he was on horse back making his way into town when his dog stoped and his tail was up like he was on alert or on guard. He continued for a few minutes when all of the sudden he spoted something running towards him from behind, he immediately wacked the horse on the side and booked it at fill speed down the mountain side. He said he got light headed and passed out on the way at some point do to fear. He wasn’t embarrassed to say he went number 2 from what he saw. His dig never turned out. I have no clue what my grandfather shot and that man saw but I know there’s something on those lonely mountains were people don’t tend to go. I’ll leave it up to you to tell me what you think it was. Thank you for reading it.

The Alpha Is Stalking Me…

Before I start this experience I just want you to know that before this i’ve been a huge fan of the fictional, and in particular.. werewolves.. they have always intrigued me in some way I can’t explain.. As a kid I wanted to be a werewolf so bad.. But now. I think I regret even thinking about encountering one.

Anyways, this happened approximately 3 months ago.. I’m still pretty shaken from the experience, since i’ve only told my closest friends only, and im not sure even some of them believe me.. I wanted to share this with all of you, too… So I live in a half urban half suburban area, there is alot of buildings but still some nice fields, and miniature forests around. I actually live nearby one of the smaller forests.

So i’ve been outside at about 11 pm ready to go home.. I walk past the forest but since there is a tree there with fruits on them I decided to go get a quick bite of the tasty fruit, while I was pretty confident being in the dark.. Something felt off.. The only light that was shining was the full moon.. The nearby lamp pole was not working. Even though it WORKED about two days earlier.. And all the lights on the nearby windows on the buildings that were surrounding the forest were turned off.. Like I know it was late.. But it wasn’t THAT late for literally everyone to be asleep.

While this did confuse me a bit I still wasn’t scared or anything. Im 15 and im pretty strong for my body mass. Im 45kg and 5 foot 8 but in my family genes we grow late so im probably gonna be 6 foot 6 like my cousins are. Anyways while I was eating the fruits something cracked behind me.. I looked around but nothing was there.. I assumed it was a cat or something.. Until I heard it again.. IN FRONT OF ME..I quickly grabbed some of the fruits and put it in my pockets, because I was getting pretty nervous at this point. And then I heard it.. The faint but clear growl from 15 to 20 feet away.. I turned to my left and was horrified by the sight.

It was large.. Probably maybe a foot taller than me on its FOURS.. It looked like a dog. But not right.. Deformed.. I was scared shitless and frozen. It had black shaggy fur, long ears that ended in a curved shape.. And BLOOD red eyes, with… and this is going to sound crazy.. 4 INCH canines. Mind you a tigers canines can reach around 2 to 3 inches which is about the size of a man’s middle finger..So by thinking logically I turned to my basic knowledge of dogs. Don’t run. So I slowly turned around trying not to provoke it.. And right when I turned my back I could hear 5 BIG footsteps running towards me..

I turned around the second I heard it but it was too late.. It bit me with its long dog like snout which was broad.. Almost too BROAD for any dog possible.. I swear it could have tore my arm off if it landed a perfect bite.. Which thank god it didn’t.. It bit me with its front teeth which were the smallest, even though they were the smallest, they were atleast 1 inch long.. It pushed me to a tree and I slammed to the ground. I was crying for help, YELLING as loud as I could. But to no avail. Nobody was answering. This creature was literally biting on my hand at such force.. But the scary part was that I almost felt like it wasn’t even using its full jaw strength. Don’t get me WRONG. IT hurt like HELL. Like hot coal in the form of 1 inch thick nails onto my arm..

I didn’t wanna die that night. After looking around me I saw a sizeable rock to the right of me.. I picked it up and started smashing it onto the thing’s head. First try, nothing not even FAZED. Second try, still nothing. Third time a piece of the rock broke off, And then the FOURTH time I hit it close to its eye. And then it let go.. And let out a sound that I will not EVER forget. A heart sinking snarl that was wolf like. But deeper.. Sounded demonic in a sense..

My arm was released and the second it put its head down it wanted to bash its hand into my skull. I quickly moved my head and it hit the tree breaking off a large chunk of it.. I got up and started running.. I thought I was gonna escape at that moment.. I was wrong. It gripped my left leg with a human like movement. It gripped it like a human would. No dog could grip its paw like that. It wanted to throw me back to the ground but I kicked it with my other leg as hard as I could. Not doing any damage my leg THANKFULLY slipped out of its hand.

I turned around to see a last glimpse of it getting on TWO LEGS.. It was huge. It was hunched back with short like tendons and with a terrifying muscle build. I have a friend that is 6 foot 5 and he’s a dwarf compared to this beast.. It was 8 to 9 feet in HEIGHT probably.. After I saw that sight, I sped up and ran faster than I ever ran before.. Blood was pouring from my arm. I was crying but was happy I escaped alive. When I got to a field I stopped to take a breath… I heard a sound I will NEVER forget. The creature howled with such a deep voice.. the texture of its voice was like a.. Wolf mimicking a humans voice but making such a disturbing sound as a result .. As soon as I heard it I started running.. When I got home my mom asked me what happened. I told her a big stray dog attacked me. Thankfully she believed me and took me to the ambulance..

There was alot of encounters of it later, and weird symptoms..I started sleep walking particulary on the last 3 nights of the full moon, increased aggression,hallucinations, and painful muscle and headaches that I should really check out at the doctor.. Although this is the first time it attacked me.. I saw it once before in the same forest a year and a half ago..

I was with my friend that I mentioned earlier, lets call him Carlos. We were walking through the forest with a flashlight.. It was nighttime, but NOT a full moon. We were walking and I just heard him saying my name, “Aaron… Loo-k” He said it in a shaky voice, I turned around and saw a creature with red glowing eyes about 25 feet away from us.. And the moment I saw it I said “RUN” We were running to the nearby park, and half way through I fell in the mud.. And as expected he laughed at me, my friend is a laughing maniac. He can’t take anything seriously and in any situation if something mildly funny happens he would laugh, I was mad at the idiot but he helped me up so I quickly forgave him and we made it to the park.. We were out of breath, but when we turned back to look at the forest.. We saw the creature run to the other side of the opening, seeing its big silluete with such speed was terrifying. We still rememeber that encounter til this day and we both speculate if it was the same creature.. We nicknamed the creature “The Alpha” Since it had red eyes, our theory is that alpha werewolves have red eyes and betas yellow.. We still aren’t sure about that yet but we’re working on it..

Now moving on to the encounter I had from it maybe a month or so after the bite.. I was heading home from the store at maybe 9pm.. I was nervous because I would have to pass the forest to get home.. I passed the forest with nothing happening. I always thought if I pass the forest i’ll be safe.. So when I passed it my anxiety was gone. I got to my building and I opened the door to get to my flat, the door on the building was a rusty door that closed after about three seconds.. So it always closed when I got to the stairs…

I opened the door and got to the stairs.. I didn’t hear it close.. I shook it off expecting it to close any second so I didn’t stop or turn around.. I got to the first half of the stairs and it STILL didn’t close.. I turned around…

IT WAS STANDING holding the door and breathing loudly.. I dropped my milk and eggs and I almost fell to the ground. I was shaking and starting to get a panic attack.. I wanted to get up the stairs but I was frozen in fear.. After maybe 10 seconds of it standing there it SLAMMED the rusty door shut and made a huge bang that it would echo through the WHOLE building. And when it closed the door.. It walked away.. Getting almost smaller each step it took.. Like it was turning back to human.. I quickly got back to the door and opened it.. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.. Like it was a hallucination.. And when I got home I concluded that it was a hallucination.. Since I started getting them after the bite.. When I arrived at my flat.. I was clearly shaken up.. And my step dad asked me what was going on.. I told him it was nothing and that I just saw a dog approaching and I got nervous because I got attacked by a “dog” earlier.. He believed me and we moved on.. 10 minutes later he asked me a question that made my heart drop. “Did you hear that loud bang maybe 5 minutes before you came home”? I was horrified, Then and there I knew it wasn’t a hallucination.. But after a 2-3 second pause I replied with. “No”.

Im not implying im starting to become a supernatural being or anything.. The sleep walking and hallucinations are probably side affects because I got attacked by the mythical beast itself.. And the aches are probably symptoms of shock .. So I will probably visit a doctor in the time being..

I still wonder today if it wanted to catch me would it succed? I mean it caught up to me in a second while it was 15-20 feet away.. It would probably had caught me if it wanted to which disturbs me the MOST.. What I don’t understand is.. I always visited the forest at night and day.. I don’t know what changed this night.. But I can assure you one thing .. I am not going back there EVER again when the sun goes down.


This is the first and only time I will be telling this true story that happen to me. It was summer 2010 if I remember the year right I was camping with my uncle and my two friends. It was late after the fire was put out my uncle was sleeping outside the tent to make sure nothing got in.

And I’m not sure what time I woke up at but I had to pee so I did my best to not wake anyone. And I walked out of site of the tent into the woods a little.

I could still see the river so I didn’t get lost.

So after my business was done I heard something getting into the river . I looked over to see if it was my uncles dog named Cooper. But no it was this human like wolf coming at me . It took me a couple second to figure out it was a were wolf.

I started running back to the tent .

And I heard a howl and it starting to get out of the river and follow me. I was not looking back then I tripped . Before I was able to get up it was at me not one but two of them where over me . One howled sniffed the air and walked away. I was trying to army crawl away as that thing grabbed me and picked me up by my left leg. I was so afraid that I kicked it right in the jaw. It dropped me and I ran .

I saw the camp I saw the tent. Then I felt a sharp pain in my back and I yelled and fell down as it howled. I knew I was going to be its food. I started to feel it’s teeth go into my leg as my uncle said get away form him. I passed out form the pain so I don’t remember what else happen. But I woke up with the bite mark on my leg .

But now I never stay up to see the full moon.